Tecan Positioning System

The optional Te-PS™ laser-guided precision positioning system automatically ensures accurate and reliable pipette tip tracking for high density plate formats, such as 1,536-well plates, high density protein crystallography plates or matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) targets.

In-process monitoring and real-time corrections guarantee reliable unattended operation and maximize process security for longer walkaway times.


Laser-guided positioning for 1,536 high density pipetting

In-process monitoring

Te-PS provides laser-guided, in-process monitoring of tip positions.

Real-time corrections

Corrections to tip positioning happen in real time, guaranteeing 1,536 well access.

Tip configurations

Te-PS can be used with fixed or disposabel tips, or even on mixed-tips configurations.


The Te-PS option uses a laser measurement to determine the exact position of a steel tip for subsequent pipetting into 1536 well plates.

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