Tecan offers fully automated solutions for pre-analytical sample handling based on the versatile Freedom EVO® platform, with the flexibility to fit into your existing laboratory workflow while taking care of the most labor-intensive and error-prone procedures.

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Barcode reading

Arriving samples are scanned after entering the system in racks and barcodes can be communicated to the LIS/LIMS to retrieve work orders or simply confirm arrival of the tube in the laboratory and create an inventory of samples.

All common 1D barcodes can be read within the strip rack or 2D barcodes on a single tube when transporting it to the first module after entering the system.

1D primary tube scanning

1D/2D individual tube scanning

2D SBS rack with 1D plate barcode


The integrated centrifuge guarantees consistent centrifugation quality for all samples that require centrifugation.

Time, temperature, speed and acceleration and deceleration profiles can be set for each run individually provided a consistent requirement for the samples.

Pre-centrifuged samples can be centrifuged again or bypass the centrifuge and move on to the following procedure.


To maximize safety for your staff and increase process security, the onboard decapper takes caps and plugs off most commonly used primary tubes.

The cap type is detected and the tube taken away from the worktable to avoid cross contaminating other samples or the environment in the system. An protective shield applied during the decapping step prevents any aerosols from entering the area where samples are handled on the worktable.

De-capping & re-capping

Integration of a compact, high-speed whole rack tube capper/decapper that can automatically remove, then recap or dispose of, TPE septum caps from a full 96 tube rack, eliminates the need to manually remove the caps, dramatically improves productivity.

The FluidiX XDC-96 will also dispose of the caps or recap the same caps back into the same tubes. Manually recapping tubes after sampling is no longer required.

Cycle time (decapping and recapping) is 15-30 seconds, depending on tube type. Compatible with most 96 format TPE septum sealed caps (0.5ml, 0.75ml, 1.0ml and 1.4ml).

Reformating & aliqoting

Pipeting into a secondary tube, or into micro plates is performed by a flexible channel arm with disposable tips or, if the process allows it, by fixed needles.

The arm configuration can vary between 2/4/8 channels which can be individually configured to carry fixed or disposable tips.

In addition to the capacitive liquid level detection for volume calculation, clot detection and liquid tracking during the aspiration, on the Freedom Evo based liquid handling arm, the MultiSense technology allows pressure monitored pipetting and a qualitative liquid arrival check.

Tecan Journal Articles

University Hospital Regensburg has taken advantage of the open architecture of the Freedom EVO® workstation, creating a seamless connection between its routine diagnostics and biobanking activities.

Working in partnership with the hospital’s Institute for Laboratory Medicine and Transfusion Medicine and diagnostic instruments provider, the Tecan Integration Group has developed a bespoke solution which offers fully automated preparation of samples for both biobanking and offline secondary testing.

The Heidelberg CardioBiobank – part of Heidelberg University Hospital – collects thousands of patient samples every year for cryostorage and use in national and European medical research projects.


Efficient gDNA extraction with the Promega ReliaPrep™ Large Volume HT gDNA Isolation system - tailored to your DNA biobanking needs.

Application Notes

Automated quality control for NGS Library Preparation and CRISPR/CAS9 Gene Editing

Low volume DNA qualification by absorption of native nucleic acid or protein samples with an integrated Trinean Dropsense 96 UV/VIS droplet reader.

Combined with its unique microfluidic 96well 2μl DropPlates, micro volume quantification is made possible in a fully automated workflow.