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Tecan offers workflow automation and detection solutions to cover all your genomics needs, from standardized workstations with validated applications and dedicated user interfaces to highly customized platforms developed in collaboration with Tecan Labwerx.


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Nucleic Acid Purification and PCR ​

Nucleic acid purification​

Automated DNA/RNA extraction and clean-up solutions to match your samples types and throughput needs, developed in collaboration with partners such as Zymo Research, Macherey-Nagel and Promega.

Quantification and normalization​

Rapid DNA and RNA quantification offering excellent sensitivity for fluorescence- and UV-based analyses, as well as automated normalization to your target concentration.

PCR set-up​

Automated set-up – including Thermocycler integration and data transfer to qPCR cyclers – offers increased reproducibility for everything from miniaturized qPCR to high throughput PCR.

NGS library preparation

Automated NGS library preparation​

Automation of NGS sample preparation allows more samples to be processed in parallel and increases the reproducibility libraries, while minimizing errors.

NGS library prep reagents​

Tecan offers innovative library preparation solutions for a broad range of sample types, throughput and low inputs for DNA-Seq and RNA-Seq.

NGS applications​

NGS technologies are transforming life science research and enabling scientists to gain a large wealth of information. Learn more about the research that is being done globally with Tecan’s NGS products.

Genomic application workflows​


Customizable automated solutions to streamline processing of incoming blood, saliva and urine samples, including isolation of plasma fractionations, buffy coats and PBMCs.

Synthetic biology​

Automation solutions to cover the complete workflows, from gene expression profiling to cloning of the desired genes into carrier organisms, subsequent protein expression profiling and characterization.

Genetic testing

Genetic testing is becoming a routine technique for diagnostics. Solutions including simplified NGS library preparation kits and automation solutions.