The Freedom EVO workstation offers sophisticated automation solutions for hanging drop, sitting drop and microbatch protein crystallography experiments, with the option to integrate various modules and third party devices, such as low-vibration plate incubators or dynamic anti-evaporation covers.

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High throughput protein crystallography can be extremely time-consuming with exorbitant costs. Automation helps to minimize consumption of scarce samples and increases the reproducibility of experimental conditions.

Key benefits

  • Large dynamic pipetting range (100 nl to 5 ml)
  • Superior pipetting accuracy and precision
  • More reproducible experimental conditions

Automated protein crystallization

Tecan’s liquid handling platforms can be configured for semi- or complete automation of protein crystallization experiments.

  • Sitting drop in SLAS-format plates (6 x 4 wells or 6 x 8 wells)
  • Hanging drop in cover slip format plates (eg. Hampton 48-well plates)
  • Walkaway pipetting of screening buffer solutions
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Integrate and customize

This highly flexible and fully scalable solution allows seamless integration of a range of devices

  • Barcode readers for tubes and plates
  • Automated heat-free microplate sealers, with optically clear adhesive sealing to maintain intra-well growth conditions and allow direct imaging
  • Automation-friendly, low vibration incubators for 4-1,000 microplates, from 4 to >60 °C
  • Anti-evaporation covers to minimize evaporation during pipetting

Exceptional pipetting range

Configure your system with four regular and four low volume syringes. This enables accurate dispensing for both buffer creation (large volume) and experimental set-up (low volume).

Application Note

The Freedom EVO workstation can reliably and efficiently dispense challenging liquids with high viscosity – such as PEG solution – in the sub microliter range, achieving excellent precision and accuracy.

Tecan Journal Articles

Tests showed that the Freedom EVO workstation with Te-PS tips is capable of contact pipetting in the sub microliter range with very good precision and accuracy across the volume range of 100 nl to 1.0 μl, even for highly viscous liquids.

The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research in Yokohama, Japan, has been using Tecan liquid handling workstations to prepare protein samples for NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography, as part of a structural genomics and proteomics project to determine numerous protein structures.

For research use only.