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Freedom EVOware®

Simple, intuitive and flexible process control

Operation is straightforward; the intuitive Freedom EVOware® user interface optimally combines pipetting, robotics and scheduling of multiple devices in a single package.

The software uses icon-driven, drag and drop implementation screens to guide protocol development for users at any skill level.

It comes with helpful information pads, application templates, creation wizards and three dimensional protocol simulation.

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Tab 01 / Overview

The power is in your hands!

Freedom EVOware is the driving force behind every application and lets you easily implement methods with an innovative, drag-and-drop graphical user interface (GUI). Built-in sample tracking, audit trails and user access control helps you to ensure process integrity. Freedom EVOware’s built-in dynamic scheduler optimizes your throughput under varying workloads while ensuring consistent processing. Automated plate and tip handling increase walk-away time and system storage capacity. The open architectures lets you add software elements as needed for expanded functionality, thus protecting your investment.

Process Security

You can be sure you know what’s happening to your samples with Freedom EVOware’s process security features.

The built-in sample tracking module tracks and reports on samples for simplified LIMS integration and password protection, audit trails and checksums help to detect and prevent unauthorized access.

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Sample Tracking

Sample Tracking records every action performed by the Freedom EVO® in real time. The automatically generated sample and plate-based reports enable you to easily satisfy your record keeping requirements. It is possible to link up to five Freedom EVO workstations together with Sample Tracking Multi-instrument version.

Pressure Monitored Pipetting

Tecan's Pressure Monitored Pipetting option detects liquid handling errors, such as clots and incorrect aspirations or dispenses. The sophisticated detection algorithm evaluates signals in real time, and flags the wells associated with the fault. Tight integration with Sample Tracking allows customizable printed reports to be created, as well as providing simple integration with LIMS.

Safe Pathways

Safe pathways reduce the risk of cross contamination to ensure that tips never travel over a sample or other piece of labware. Freedom EVOware's advanced position control calculates the safe pathway for each move.

Remote Notification

Freedom EVOware can inform you when the system needs attention via email and pager, helping to ensure that you never miss an important interaction.

Data Security

Freedom EVOware handles its data as electronic records and uses checksum protection to detect unauthorized system access.


Freedom EVOware’s rich extensibility lets you expand your system as your needs grow, thus protecting your investment.

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Custom Carriers and Labware

Freedom EVOware comes with a vast library of carriers and labware. If you don’t find what you are looking for, however, it is easy to define your own custom labware using the robot to teach the positions.


Freedom EVOware’s rich functionality can be extended with application specific wizards that get you up and running faster. Wizards are currently available for Normalization, Hit-picking and Sample Oriented distribution.

Non-Tecan Device Drivers

Freedom EVOware simplifies the integration of non-Tecan devices by allowing additional device drivers to be integrated into the main graphical user interface (GUI). Additional drivers can be created using the Freedom EVOware Developer Studio.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Freedom EVOware can be controlled by other software via its API, allowing software developers to develop custom graphical user interfaces with the Developer Studio.

Dynamic scheduling

To achieve optimal throughput, the dynamic scheduling of Freedom EVOware plans your run as well as ensures that the time constraints are never compromised. It continuously optimizes the schedule during a run to efficiently achieve the shortest possible run time.

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One software package

Do you want to get your system productive as soon as possible?

The scheduling is a native part of the Freedom EVOware software. It is not necessary to learn additional, complicated software in order to create scheduled runs.

As a result, you are able to set up your applications with minimal effort.

Handles variable workload

Are you experiencing workload peaks?

The scheduler can run a single iteration or an unlimited number of iterations of a run without any necessary programing changes. The throughput is determined by the storage capacity of your system configuration. Regardless of the workload, the scheduler helps ensure that you always get the maximum use from your hardware investment.

Supports continuous loading

What if your instrument is already running and a batch of samples needing immediate processing arrive in the laboratory?

No problem, samples can be started even if there is a run in progress. Priority can be applied to new incoming samples and the scheduler plans the execution accordingly – the power is in your hands.

Run recovery

Do you have valuable samples and reagents?

If your run has stopped for any reason, it can be continued at any time. The system indicates changes during the pause, for example, that a plate is removed from the system. The scheduler adapts to the new prerequisites.

Labware Logistics

Freedom EVOware enables you to use your valuable laboratory space optimally. The software can handle tubes, microplates or almost any other type of labware placed on the worktable.

Movable objects like microplates or tip racks can be placed within the instrument or in external devices like carousels or stackers. Every action is controlled directly from the system software – Freedom EVOware.

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Free choice of labware

The software can handle any labware which can be pipetted into from above. You can access each liquid with one or more tips simultaneously, in any order and any number of times. A wide range of labware is predefined – microplates, tubes, troughs, bottles, beakers, etc, but even if you have customized labware, it can easily be added in the software – you have the power in your hands.

From entry-level to enterprise

Regardless of your system size, the software takes care of the labware logistics. All storage locations are automatically controlled from within the software. You can use labware placed directly on the worktable, or if you choose to store microplates or tips in hotels or other logistic devices, the software will ensure that they are brought to the worktable when needed during the application.

Lid and insert handling

To prevent evaporation or airborne contaminations, any combination of microplates with and without lids can be used on the system. To enable pipetting or other operations, the software automatically de-lids the plate. Additionally, plates with an insert and a lid are supported automatically and the inserts can be moved between plates as needed.

Stacked tips and microplates

To save instrument and laboratory space, the software supports stacks of plates and tips. Stacked labware provides a higher density, therefore allowing more labware to be stored and accessed by the system. Plates and tips can be stored conveniently in external, high-capacity stackers like the Te-Stack or placed directly on the worktable using the cost-effective passive stacks. To help you use your space as efficiently as possible, in the near future Tecan will offer nested MCA tips.

Disposable tip logistics

The software always keeps track of the next available tip position through tip counters. As soon as one rack of tips is empty, the next one will automatically be used. Tips in storage positions like hotels or carousels will automatically be brought to the worktable when needed. If no more tips are available in the system, the operator will be informed that more tips need to be loaded.

Piercing, tilting carriers and other functions

The software provides the functionality demanded by your application’s specific requirements. If your samples need a protected environment, the software can pierce septa and add inert gas. If you have a cell-based assay, the software can pipette directly to or from tilting carriers.

Run Recovery

Did something unexpected happen during your run?
Did the run abort, or did you have to stop it?

No matter what the reason is, with Freedom EVOware, you can continue your run from where it stopped.

The recovery wizard assists you in resuming your run safely.


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No lost samples

If samples or any other valuable liquid are still contained in the tips, you can choose to dispense them back into any available labware.

Thus no liquid needs to get wasted even if you choose not to continue the run.

Recovery wizard

You can restart your run where it stopped or, if you like, choose to repeat one or more steps. You can also choose to complete an interrupted step by hand and resume at a later step in the process.

This means that you have control over how you would like to continue the run – you have the power in your hands.

Built-in recovery flexibility

We know how important your application is and you should never need to lose a run. Therefore, recovery is possible regardless of whether you are using Freedom EVOware with or without scheduling, or if you are using a LIMS connection to control your pipetting.

Safe stopping

If a run must be interrupted, the software always tries to stop the run at a safe point in time. In certain situations, like power failures, this might not be possible but, in such situations, recovery can still be done. The software automatically moves all arms to their safe positions, but also provides the tools to move them manually.

User Management

To prevent unauthorized access to your system, you are able to protect it with the powerful Freedom EVOware user management.

The user management requires any user to authenticate herself/himself at every start of the software or whenever the active user chooses to log-out. It also prevents physical access to the instrument by requiring authentication before allowing the door to open during a run.

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Data protection

Freedom EVOware provides security against unauthorized use and keeps track of all its configuration files, including the run definitions. If any file is altered outside the software, the user will be informed about the event.

Tracked changes

An extensive audit trail is always created, to track any change made to the configuration. Each change is marked with a timestamp and the user name and, if preferred, a reason for the change and an electronic signature.

Electronic records; electronic signatures

If you are working in a GMP or similar environment, electronic signatures and other functions like password expiry in Freedom EVOware enable your laboratory to be CFR 21 Part 11 compliant.

User management services

To simplify user administration, Freedom EVOware can authenticate users through the Microsoft® Windows® user database. As a result, it is not necessary to create users or groups in Freedom EVOware.

Furthermore, several installations can share one user database, which enables a single point of user administration.

Tecan Connect™

Can I really walk away?

Get notified wherever you are. Let the Tecan Connect Mobile app alert your mobile device when any user interactions are needed, or your instrument status has changed.

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Tab 02 / Specifications

Computer Specifications

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 10 / 64-bit Professional / LTSC (Long Term Service Channel)
Hardware requirements
2.33 GHz dual core or multi-processor system
2 GB RAM, 4GB. recommended
2 USB ports for Freedom EVO® and dongle
SVGA monitor with 32,768 colors or more and a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels

Tab 03 / Literature


The driving force behind your automated applications.

Application Notes

The tool for optimizing scripts and remote monitoring,

Articles & Papers

Freedom EVOware lets you take control of your lab workflow and protocols, combining both pipetting actions and scheduling in a single package. Available in Standard or Plus versions, Freedom EVOware is designed to grow with the size of your workstation and provide simple instrument control for your complex needs.