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Integrated immunoassay solutions

Walk away from tedious pipetting tasks without being locked into a predefined workflow.

When a lab grows, the demand for automation not only increases, but also changes. By understanding these challenges, we can support you with ‘Swiss quality’ instruments tailored to your specific needs, from sample splitting and aliquoting to archiving and preparation of downstream assays.

Our experts can help you to make your work flow better and choose the best configuration for your needs.

Tab 01 / Overview

ELISA processing solutions from low to high sample throughput, covering everything from simple testing to the analysis of complete assay panels. Our integrated and expandable solutions are targeted towards specific user needs – with open software and verified protocols for the Tecan immunoassay portfolio.

  • Cost-effective, entry-level platforms based on the smallest Freedom EVO® for diagnostic assays, low throughput testing or as a backup
  • Mid- to high throughput systems with scheduling capabilities, enabling full panel analysis in a single run. Ready for use with Tecan immunoassays
  • Fully automated chemiluminescence-based testing using an integrated Infinite® 200 PRO multimode reader – driven by Freedom EVOware® Plus

Tab 02 / Absorbance integrated

Consolidation of ELISA processing on the Freedom EVOlyzer®

  • Processing of entire microplate-based ELISA assays panels in a single run, providing precision and accuracy
  • Reliable pipetting performance for various sample types, including serum, stool, urine and saliva
  • Three instrument sizes to match your throughput needs, enabling parallel processing of up to 12 plates
  • Easily integrated with LIMS solutions via the built-in bi-directional ASTM communication
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Efficient and safe processing

Processing complete diagnostic panels in a single run enhances reproducibility, ensuring greater confidence in results.

In this example, 10 assays are performed across 10 microplates in less than 7 hours.

Freedom to operate

The Freedom EVOlyzer can be configured for high throughput analysis of over 500 samples or mixed processing of up to 20 different assays per run, according to your workflow needs.

With optional sample dilution, plate preparation and archiving, the system offers true sample-to-result immunoassay capabilities and beyond.

When time matters

Plate-based immunoassays are robust, but pipetting speed still matters if full 96-well microplates need to be processed. Tecan offers instruments with a choice of two, four or eight pipetting channels, ensuring consistent pipetting and preventing OD drift across a plate. Typical CVs for assays processed on the Freedom EVOlyzer are ≤3.5 %.

Smart and cost-effective ELISA processing on the Freedom EVO 75

  • Sample-to-result immunoassay automation in a small footprint
  • Choice of one, two or eight pipetting channels, with parallel processing of up to three 96-well plates per run for increased productivity
  • Maximized pipetting speed for reagent distribution, serial dilution, plate reformatting and plate replication using the 8 Plus 1 Access™ liquid handling arm
  • Enhanced process security using capacitive liquid level detection (cLLD) to identify insufficient liquid volume or tip occlusion
  • Freedom EVOware® Sample Tracking logs all activities throughout the process, including barcodes, data exchange with the LIMS, liquid volumes, dilutions, concentrations and the merging of pipetting and plate reader data
  • Dynamic scheduling of multiple assays
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The best of Tecan’s liquid handling knowhow with the 8 Plus 1 Access liquid handling arm:

  • Reliable liquid level detection, down to 50 μl for conductive liquids
  • Large volume range – from 2-1,000 μl
  • Efficient multi-dispensing with 1,000 μl tips
  • Freedom to pipette into 96- or 384-well SLAS­format plates
  • Access any labware format using a single channel

Fast and precise pipetting to match your application needs

Dedicated Freedom EVO-based immunoassay platform for high throughput testing

  • A cost-effective immunoassay solution which can be tailored to meet the throughput requirements of any clinical laboratory
  • New pipetting routines can be easily added with process-oriented Freedom EVOware® Plus scheduling software
  • Touchscreen-based user interface for routine system operation
  • Continuous loading and dynamic scheduling capabilities for addition of new samples, guaranteeing an efficient throughput
  • Choice of fixed or disposable tips – or a combination of both – to match your assay requirements, on one or two liquid handling arms
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Efficient liquid handling

With up to two independent liquid handling arms, samples and reagents can be pipetted in parallel, eliminating any processing bottlenecks. One arm can pipette the next sample batch while the initial sample set is incubating, using the second liquid handling arm to add reagents. The addition of up to two HydroFlex™ washers further improves throughput.

Real-time quality control of liquid transfers

Process security features – such as Pressure Monitored Pipetting (PMP™) and cLLD – improve efficiency and quality by detecting and handling sample processing errors, reducing the number of sample reruns.

Easy-to-use touchscreen interface for daily operation

The TouchTools™ graphical interface allows the operator to select the assay or panel to run, then guides them through the loading of samples, reagents and assay plates, as well as the performance of any maintenance steps.

The software also provides real-time feedback, showing where each assay plate is in its schedule, helping operators to perform any interventions required.

Assays can be grouped into panels that can either be run together in batches, or selectively when a job list is available from the LIMS. The Sample Distribution Wizard and easy-to-use, drag and drop process editor help the user to set up incubations, reagent additions, wash steps and analyses.

Tab 03 / Chemiluminescence integrated

High sensitivity chemiluminescense assays on the Freedom EVO

  • A flexible platform aimed at identifying biomarkers in the clinical field
  • Open platform for any assay, throughput or processing conditions
  • Touchscreen interface, enabling high throughput ‘batch mode’ operation or sample-oriented workflows with an extended assay portfolio
  • Reliable pipetting performance for all clinical sample types, including serum, stool, urine and saliva
  • Air displacement pipetting with Pressure Monitored Pipetting (PMP™) for full liquid transfer traceability – including pre-evaluated liquid classes – offering complete confidence in results
  • Three instrument sizes to match your throughput needs, enabling processing of up to 12 plates per run
  • Combine process security with usability – choose Freedom EVOware Sample Tracking to log all activities
  • Build a customized system unique to your workflow requirements, including individual user guidance
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Freedom EVOware Plus

An intuitive graphical user interface and an integrated scheduler for multi-plate assays help to maximize throughput and optimize resource use.

  • The scheduler lets you handle variable workloads and times by supporting continuous sample loading and ensuring turnaround times are never compromised
  • Run multiple processes in parallel
  • Simple definition of complex processes with a drag and drop process editor
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Customized for efficiency, safety and usability

The software enables you to define all processing steps before, during and after any run, with individual start-up, maintenance and preparation protocols based on your instrument set-up and workflow requirements.

Robust pipetting

PMP calculates a theoretical pressure curve for each pipetting activity and compares it in real time to the measured curve. If one or more fitting parameters are ‘out of range’, the system flags an error. Extensive error handling options prevent invalid runs and the waste of reagents and consumables.

Tab 04 / Software


The user interface that leads to greater efficiency

TouchTools intuitive, customizable touchscreen interface makes it easy to program and perform your specific assay protocols. Every aspect of the interface has been designed to simplify interaction, helping to avoid potential errors, optimize instrument uptime and boost productivity.

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Freedom EVOware® Sample Tracking

  • Maximize process security with full traceability of samples and pipetting actions, including volume and concentration tracking, audit trails, and printed and electronic records
  • Track samples over multiple runs
  • Link up to five Freedom EVO workstations in a single network
  • Choose from a variety of standard plate- and sample-based reports or create custom reports
  • Simple LIMS integration using CSV file formats
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Freedom EVOware Plus

Add integrated scheduling capabilities to the intuitive graphical user interface of Freedom EVOware, ensuring optimal processing of plate-based assays.

  • Dynamic scheduling for optimized resource use and assay processing times
  • Recovery Wizard to restart processes exactly where you want to
  • Seamless integration and simple definition of complex processes and pipetting steps
  • Common device drivers with Freedom EVOware Standard enable support of additional processing modules
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Freedom EVOlution for Freedom EVOlyzer®

Freedom EVOlution is Tecan’s software for the Freedom EVOlyzer, an ELISA processing instrument. Its unique dynamic scheduling capabilities support simultaneous running of a wide range of assays with different processing conditions.

  • Graphical user guidance through all loading and maintenance steps in eight languages for better process safety
  • Dynamic scheduling for optimized ELISA processing times and higher throughput, independent of the number of assays, samples or plates
  • Smart reagent and consumables use planning
  • Option to automatically combine compatible assays on single plates
  • In-run rescheduling to support continuous sample loading
  • Bi-directional LIMS connectivity via a standardized ASTM interface
  • Customized reporting and data exchange with external systems
  • Intelligent error handling
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Tab 05 / Literature

Brochures - Absorbance integrated

The Freedom EVOlyzer enables full automation of microplate-based ELISA analysis.

It is adaptable for varying throughputs while maintaining the speed, precision and accuracy needed to operate in a clinical environment.

The platform is easily integrated with LIMS solutions, via ASTM communication, and is well suited for dynamic environments, thanks to its continuous loading functionality.

Entry-Level ELISA Automation.

The Freedom EVOlyzer 100 provides an ideal automation solution of microplate-based ELISA analysis for laboratories with low to intermediate throughput.

It offers precision and accuracy in a compact footprint.

Brochures - Chemiluminescence integrated

The Infinite 200 PRO caters to the needs of today’s scientists, offering flexible, scaleable detection solutions for a wide range of assays using monochromator- and filter-based technologies.

Immediate access to all wavelengths in an affordable, scaleable detection family, with the patented NanoQuant Plate™ and Gas Control Module (GCM™)

Brochures - Software

Software enabling the automation of almost any application – from cell biology and genomics to ELISAs, compound management and more

Programming simplicity and operational consistency at your fingertips.

Based on Freedom EVOware, this sample-oriented add-on provides an easy to use interface for sample-based pipetting.

Application Notes

Streamlining automated ELISAs using an integrated Hydroflex™ washer, Sunrise™ reader and Fluentcontrol™ scheduler software

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