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Freedom EVO® packages

The Freedom EVO series is one of the most popular and reliable systems in the market, with more than 5,000 systems installed worldwide. The upgradeable Freedom EVO platform can evolve with your changing application needs, making your initial investment even more valuable.

It offers a choice of worktable capacities, proven liquid handling, easy-to-use robotics and advanced process control within reach of every laboratory scientist.

Application specific packages designed for you.

The proven Freedom EVO platform is now available as preconfigured automation package solution. Each package offers optimized pipetting parameters for a broad range of liquid types and volumes, with fast liquid level detection, liquid availability check and preferential non-contact dispensing.


Wide range tested of nucleic acid purification protocols with dedicated operator interface


Optimized sequencing verified NGS sample preparation protocols

Protein purification

Parallelization and miniaturization reduces sample, reagent and resin consumption, saving process development time and cost.

Colony picking & plating

Complete your cloning and microbiology screening workflow by integrating fully automated colony picking and plating.

Vitamin D analysis

The verified platform for the Waters® MassTrak™ Vitamin D kit

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Freedom EVO application specific packages are offered including installation and basic application setup.
All references to «Freedom EVO» documentation, promotional materials, and offers refer to the Freedom EVO series, including Freedom EVO-2.