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This content is available also in other languages


Empower lab operators to be digitized.

LabNavigator is a cloud-based, intuitive digital product that guides lab operators through end-to-end workflows using a single, straightforward interface.

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It builds an interconnected lab by seamlessly combining lab equipment – including Tecan liquid handling platforms and selected third-party devices – as part of an open digital ecosystem. LabNavigator creates easy-to-follow end-to-end workflows, enabling entry-level staff to effectively operate systems via a user-friendly interface that provides quick and easy onboarding.

This not only multiplies the impact of experienced personnel, it increases the quality and reproducibility of lab processes. Overall, the ‘single pane of glass’ approach unifies heterogeneous automation systems to enable seamless scalability across multiple labs.

LabNavigator benefits.

Increased Lab Personnel productivity

  • Multiplied impact of experts
  • Enablement of entry-level lab operators
  • Faster onboarding

Reduced errors & higher reproducibility

  • Minimized errors and re-runs
  • Full reproducibility
  • Support in staying compliant (ongoing development of part-11 compliance package)

State-of-the-art scalability

  • Aligned & efficient way of working
  • Seamless to move staff between groups
  • Flexibility in scaling up

Build an interconnected lab.

LabNavigator bridges manual and automation steps making it easy for lab operators to accurately perform end-to-end workflows. LabNavigator works seamlessly together with your liquid handlers and selected 3rd party devices as part of an open digital ecosystem. Liquid handler runs can be started directly from LabNavigator and data can be also exchanged with other data systems.

Scale your operations.

Scaling operations to other labs can be a challenge. LabNavigator allows you to transfer your proven workflows to a new lab and to easily adjust where needed to adapt to the new environment.

Does the new lab use different instruments?

With a large range of adapters LabNavigator has you covered, allowing you to adapt the technical implementation in the background while keeping the laboratory workflow the same.