MultiChannel Arm™ MCA 384

Increased throughput

The MCA 384 has been designed to offer higher productivity to automated liquid handling workflows, increasing the efficiency and speed of pipetting processes, as well as delivering an outstanding level of flexibility.

The head can rapidly change tip adapter plates during a run to offer a variety of pipetting formats.


Gain additional flexibility through different adapter plates

500 µl samples in a 96-well format using the EVA (Extended Volume Adapter) plate


Broad volume range

The pipetting head features a very broad volume range from 0.5 μl to 125 μl in the 384-well format, and from 0.5 μl to 500 μl in the 96-well format.

384 single wash cavities minimize cross-contamination during washing


Reduction in running costs

It works with both disposable tips and washable stainless steel tips, which can be automatically interchanged during a run. Using fixed washable tips for the pipetting of reagents or solvents offers a reduction in running costs.

Double serial dilution ideal, for example, for compound management


Pipette with 384, 96, 32, 24, 16, 12 or 8 tips

The MCA 384 head can mount single rows of 24 or 12 tips, and columns of 32, 16 or 8 tips.

This feature can be used to pipette controls or to conduct serial dilutions over different plate formats.


An MCA 384 is pipetting quadrant wise from a 384-well plate to a 1,536-well plate on a TE-PS carrier.

Exchange and pipetting of fixed tips and disposable tips during a run with an MCA 384.

Double serial dilution with 32 channels in parallel.

An MCA 384 is pipetting with different disposable tip formats into different plate formats.

Instant pipetting with TouchTools™

An MCA 384 is aspirating and dispensing into a 96-well format.

Instant pipetting with TouchTools

An MCA 384 is aspirating and dispensing into a 384-well format.

An MCA is performing multiple dispensing steps into 384-well plates.

An MCA 384 is mounting disposable tips.

An MCA 384 is changing adapter plates.

Tecan Journal Articles

Researchers at Germany's University of Konstanz have established a fluorescence-based method for screening small molecules to identify potential antimicrobial agents. Using the Freedom EVO® workstation’s MultiChannel Arm™ 384, the University’s Screening Center has developed an innovative technique allowing reliable liquid transfers down to 80 nanoliters.

Scientists working in the Screening Unit at the Institute for Molecular Pharmacology in Germany are finding the low volume pipetting capability of the MultiChannel Arm™ 384 beneficial for the investigation of siRNAs and small molecule compound screening.

The Novartis Animal Health Research Center has invested in an automated compound logistics system to aid drug discovery, taking advantage of the exceptional pipetting capabilities of the MultiChannel Arm™ 384.

High throughput screening for drug discovery depends on reliable liquid handling, like that provided by Tecan’s Freedom EVO® platform. Chicago-based company SAMDI Tech has automated its proprietary label-free SAMDI technology on a Freedom EVO system for performing rapid and quantitative analysis of challenging biochemical targets.

Production of dose-response plates and cherry-picking are essential steps in early drug discovery to enable testing of many thousands of compounds. Researchers at Novartis are benefitting from the automated plate generation capabilities of two customized systems based on Freedom EVO® 200 platforms, each equipped with an MCA 384, significantly increasing sample throughput to over 10,000 compounds a day.

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