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Spark-Stack™ plate stacker


Compact. Reliable. Upgradeable.

The Spark-Stack is a compact, reliable and field-upgradeable microplate stacker for walkaway automation of Spark® multimode readers. Designed to enhance the productivity of biochemical and cell-based assays, it is equipped with snap-on dark covers to protect light-sensitive assay plates. Ideal for use with AlphaLISA®, AlphaScreen®, AlphaPlex™, GFP-transfected cells, and many more.

Integrated Spark-Stack module for walk-away automation of Spark multimode reader

Application flexibility

The Spark-Stack plate stacker uses a patent pending design to reliably automate plate loading and unloading, as well as restacking to restore the original plate sequence before starting the next kinetic cycle. It supports a wide range of non-lidded SLAS-format plates – from six to 1,536 wells – and has been statistically tested to ensure reliable operation for over 100,000 plate transfers in drug discovery and life sciences research.

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Designed for reliable operation

  • Patent pending design for reliable plate handling
  • Equipped with an array of sensors to monitor key operations
  • Mechanical stop prevents plates dropping in case of power failure
  • Tested to ensure reliability over 100,000 plate transfers


  • Plate magazines allow quick loading of multiple plates at once
  • Dark covers for protection of light-sensitive assays
  • Manual loading of single plates after removal of plate magazines
  • Easy loading of MultiCheck™ QC plate for IQ/OQ

Scaleable plate capacity

  • Short magazines for up to 30 plate per run
  • Tall magazines for up to 50 plates per run
  • Includes dark covers to protect light-sensitive assays

Powerful software packages

  • Spark-Stack is powered by the SparkControl™ and the SparkControl Magellan™ software packages
  • SparkControl is ideal for stacker kinetic runs
  • SparkControl Magellan is recommended for data analysis
  • Supports overnight runs to shorten time-to-results
  • Delayed Start-function enables room temperature pre-incubation inside the plate magazines before reading

Remote monitoring of stacker run

  • View the status of the stacker run directly on your iPhone®, or Android™ -based smartphone
  • Benefit from true walkaway time, instead of baby-sitting a stacker run
  • Enhances productivity – helps you to reclaim time for high value work
  • All you need is the Tecan Connect™ mobile app
  • Take advantage of a free download of the Tecan Connect  mobile app from the App Store®, or the Google Store™

Highlights at a glance

  • Field-upgradeable microplate stacker module
  • Compact, walkaway automation for Spark multimode readers
  • Automates key steps, such as plate loading, unloading and restacking
  • Tested to ensure reliability over 100,000 plate transfers
  • Plate magazines keep plates secure, even in case of a power failure
  • Enhances productivity of biochemical and cellular assays
  • Includes dark covers to protect light-sensitive assay plates
  • Ideal for AlphaLISA, AlphaScreen, AlphaPlex and GFP-transfected cells
  • Scalable throughput of 30 or 50 plates per run
  • Automates typical ‘incubate and read’ workflows
  • Easy manual loading of MultiCheck plate for IQ/OQ of Spark reader
  • Allows quick access to front of Spark reader for filter slide exchange
  • Powered by SparkControl and SparkControl Magellan software packages
  • Remote monitoring of stacker run-status via smartphones
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