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Tecan Labwerx


Beyond the ordinary

When you need an automation solution beyond the ordinary, Tecan Labwerx delivers a customized, reliable and productive end-to-end solution.

Tab 01 / Overview

Recent highlights in stem cell biology

iPSC libraries offer a treasure trove of cellular resources, derived from diverse individuals and genetic backgrounds. These libraries hold the key to understanding human development, unravelling the mysteries of diseases, and paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in drug discovery, personalized and regenerative medicine.

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Automation to meet extraordinary laboratory needs

The speed of change is fast in life science research, frequently outpacing product development in the laboratory industry. Tecan Labwerx creates customized solutions to address the ever-changing needs of this market.

Since 1996, we have delivered over 1,000 projects – from simple modified workstations to large-scale robotic integrations. Today, Tecan Labwerx is a complete business unit with all the expertise necessary to drive a project from design and implementation to road testing our solutions with the same applications that you will use in your lab.

Labwerx Instrument
Labwerx Instrument


Tecan Labwerx translates your workflow into a unique automated system based on three pillars

  • Tecan platforms
  • Customized modules
  • Third-party integrations

Tecan platforms

We take Tecan’s industry-leading platforms, the Freedom EVO® and the Fluent® Automation Workstation, beyond the standard capabilities.


We can design new customized components for your unique challenge and adapt Tecan modules to your needs.

Third-party integrations

We bring your solution to life by seamlessly pulling together novel elements and third-party components and instruments.

Tab 02 / Our approach

Laboratory automation – when only a custom solution will do

Labwerx ProcessGraph

Collaboration lies at the heart of customization

Whether your project requires modification of standard liquid handling workstations, integration of large-scale robotics, or the design and manufacture of completely new devices, we work with you as a partner to develop a solution that matches your workflow and protocols.

Building blocks for adaptive workflows

Creating your ideal solution depends on solving the individual steps in the process. Each step can require a different functionality, which must be seamlessly integrated into the workflow. Tecan Labwerx helps you map the options, some of which are presented below.

Tubes and vials

Transport   Agitate
Read barcode   Heat/cool
Cap/decap   Centrifugate
Crimp   Detect the interface between layers

Plates and microtubes

Transport   Agitate
Read barcode   Heat/cool
Seal/unseal   Centrifuge
Lid/unlid   Stack

Tab 03 / Capabilities

Recent project highlights

Our comprehensive technical capabilities range from the design and manufacture of modified workstations, invention of novel devices and creation of new software, to the development of large-scale robotic integrations. We lead the way by automating analysis and development methods that are beyond the ordinary. Here are a few examples.

Aircapper for automated capping and decapping

A short demonstration of one of Labwerx’s many automation capabilities, showing the Aircapper capping and decapping 50 ml sample tubes and 15 ml centrifuge tubes.

Unique custom fingers

Six unique custom fingers by Tecan Labwerx. The fingers can be exchanged to manipulate multiple different types of labware on the same worktable.

Lift under worktable

Equipment accessibility and use of laboratory space is optimized with this elegant under-bench solution – a lift designed by Tecan Labwerx that can easily be pulled out when needed.

Small tube manipulation

Tecan Labwerx makes automated small tube manipulation easy with custom fingers that can grip and transfer low volume sample tubes.

Cell engineering

This comprehensive automation solution from Tecan Labwerx automates the entire cell culture process. Cells are kept comfortable and warm while they are suspended, seeded and moved to the incubator.

Bacterial engineering

A complete workflow in 50 ml conical tubes with capper/decapper and tumble mixer.

Tab 04 / Success Stories

A deciding factor in choosing Tecan was its ability to deliver what no other company on the market could: precise sampling and dosing on a moving microplate. Read more

Dr.-Ing. Holger Morschett, Microbial Bioprocess Lab at research center Jülich

Breakthrough innovation in COVID-19 testing

Tecan Labwerx™ has produced an elaborate and tailored laboratory automation solution for Covid Testing. The Public Private Partnership in the Netherlands was benefited with fast consulting and automation expertise from Tecan Labwerx™. An innovative sampling approach with 2D barcoded storage tubes speeds up the testing process.

Keeping an eye on stem cells

The stem cell institute at the University of Minnesota has scaled up its stem cell differentiation protocol and drug screening processes with a custom system.

Transforming peptide synthesis for the 21st century to fill a GAP in the market

GAP Peptides has developed a novel approach to synthesizing high crude purity peptides that minimizes solvent and raw material consumption, while simultaneously reducing waste.

Advanced bioprocessing

Liquid handling arm travelling beyond the edge of the worktable.

Seeing more clearly

In its quest to find solutions for major blinding eye diseases, CERA worked with Tecan Labwerx to create a bespoke Freedom EVO® system for maintenance of induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) lines.

NMR sample preparation

Barcode reading, pipetting, capping, decapping, ultrasonic cleaning, centrifugation and more.

Recent highlights in stem cell biology

Ocular tissue engineering

The Ocular Tissue Engineering Laboratory at the Lions Eye Institute in Perth, Australia has established a world-class disease modeling and gene therapy screening pipeline. Here, skin cells collected from patients with inherited diseases can be reprogrammed to produce their own retinal tissues in the lab.

These patient-derived retinal tissues represent the ideal cellular model for pre-clinical evaluation of potential therapies for incurable retinal diseases.

A customized solution from Tecan – based on a Fluent® liquid handling automation platform and a Spark® Cyto live-cell imager – is now helping the Lions Eye institute scale their research and find new treatments for previously incurable diseases. With funding coming from charitable donations, Tecan’s technology is being used to help people who will lose their sight – improving the lives of patients not just in Western Australia but around the world.

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iPSC cell library generation

Maintaining an induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) master cell bank has become a crucial requirement for labs developing personalized cell therapies, regenerative medicines, and disease models or engaging in iPSC-based drug discovery and toxicity assessment. However, the path from taking a patient sample to having iPSC cells securely stored at cryogenic temperatures can be long and complex.

Tecan Labwerx™ has built a system to take over the cells after single-cell seeding and then autonomously expand, monitor, and prepare them for cryopreservation. Specialized modules for medium pre-warming allow the system to store large volumes of cell medium in refrigerated containers. Only the required quantities of medium are warmed to physiological temperature before the medium exchange.

Thanks to these adaptations and our powerful software, this system can run for weeks without human intervention – freeing up scientists to work on their next big idea.

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