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Microplate readers

Tecan‘s engineers and scientists are committed to delivering the highest standards of quality by focusing on the details, ensuring that your data is true and consistent, empowering your discovery.

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Multimode readers

Spark® Cyto

The first live cell plate reader with real-time image cytometry.

Fluorescence-, brightfield- and digital phase contrast imaging combined with full environmental control and standard detection modes creates a powerful tool for cell research.


The fully flexible detection platform with smart automation.

Made for discovery, today and tomorrow.

Infinite® 200 PRO

The proven, easy-to-use plate reader family. Delivering performance and value to every lab.

Single mode readers


The fast, multichannel absorbance plate reader – with tunable wavelength and temperature control options – that can be tailor-made for your purposes.

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Infinite® F50

State-of-the-art eight-channel absorbance reader for accurate, reproducible and fast results.

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Infinite® M Nano

Upgradeable absorbance plate reader delivering sensitive results for ELISAs and low volume nucleic acid or protein quantification assays.

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Infinite® Lumi

Upgradeable luminescence plate reader with dedicated optics designed to deliver exceptional results for glow, flash and dual-color luminescence applications.

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Add-ons and QC-tools

Tecan Connect™ mobile app

Stay connected with your experiment wherever you are. Use the Tecan Connect mobile app to monitor instrument status and alert you when user interactions are required.

QC tools and IQOQ services

Tecan’s quality control and validation packages help our customers to fulfill all regulatory requirements for their Tecan microplate readers in an efficient, cost-effective way.