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Quality Assurance with QC Kit

The QC Kit is a quality control tool for pipetting volume verification of your liquid handling platform, ensuring full regulatory compliance.

It consists of hardware, consumables and software, guides the user through the testing protocol, and provides CV and accuracy values for pipetting volumes.

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The need for ever stricter quality control requires laboratories to perform regular quality checks on their assays and equipment, including their automated liquid handling workstations. Tecan has addressed this need by introducing the QC Kit, allowing quick and comprehensive volume transfer verification for Freedom EVO and Fluent workstations.

Workflow - QC Kit

Start, measure, done!

The QC Kit saves time compared to other methods because there is no need for sample preparation, standard curve generation or post-measurement calculations. On completion of a test, a report with clear pass/fail indications is generated automatically.

Secure and convenient

Step-by-step software guidance, with clear instructions, eliminates mistakes and ensures that this method is suitable for technicians of any skill level.

Comprehensive results and compliance

Test results based on the QC Kit are traceable to international standards and can be compared to manufacturers’ specifications for IQ/OQ. In addition to pass/fail indications, overall accuracy and volume per tip information is displayed on the printout.


The QC Kit incorporates Artel’s proprietary Ratiometric Photometry technology onto Freedom EVO and Fluent systems. In the first step, the blue diluent solution is dispensed into the well of the dimensionally-characterized QC Kit verification plate.

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Calibrator plate

In order to correct for day-to-day performance variations in the QC Kit reader, and to allow direct comparison of instrument performance, the absorbance measurements are normalized using a calibrator plate. This allows the readings to be directly correlated a reference spectrophotometer, in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540 standards.

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Verification plate

QC Kit verification plates are fully characterized 96- and 384-well format microplates. Dimensional and performance characterization of the QC Kit verification plates, solutions and calibrator plates using certified reference materials offers full traceability of results to the International System of Units (SI).

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Tecan offers a broad range of QC Kit solutions to cover volume ranges from 100 nl to 200 µl in 96-well format, and 30 nl to 55 µl in 384-well format. QC Kit solutions are characterized lot-by-lot by Artel, using a reference spectrophotometer to achieve full traceability of results to the International System of Units (SI).

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QC Kit for liquid handling performance check

Visualization of the step-by-step process of the QC Kit with clear descriptions

QC Kit software

The software guides the user through the process, thereby eliminating the possibility for mistakes.

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