QC Kit - Solutions

Tecan offers a broad range of QC Kit solutions to cover volume ranges from 100 nl to 200 µl in 96-well format, and 30 nl to 55 µl in 384-well format.


QC Kit solutions are characterized lot-by-lot by Artel using a reference spectrophotometer to achieve full traceability of QC Kit results to the International System of Units (SI).


Material No Product
30062828  QC Kit baseline solution, 220 ml, required for baseline measurement prior to verification testing
30062829 QC Kit diluent dye solution, 500 ml, required for verification testing


Material No Sample solutions required for verification testing 96-well volume range 384-well volume range
30062840  QC Kit Range A sample dye solution, 500 ml 50-200 µl 10-55 µl
30062841 QC Kit Range B sample dye solution, 110 ml 10-49.99 µl 2.5-9.99 µl
30062842 QC Kit Range C sample dye solution, 110 ml 2.0-9.99 µl 0.50-2.499 µl
30062843 QC Kit Range D sample dye solution, 110 ml 1.0-1.99 µl 0.30-0.499 µl
30062844 QC Kit Range E sample dye solution, 110 ml 0.1-0.999 µl 0.03-0.299 µl