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Tecan Integration Group (TIG)

Customized solutions for laboratory automation

Tecan offers professional consulting - translating your manual processes to the desired automation level.

The automation of customer-specific laboratory processes releases skilled human resources from even highly-complex manual work and delivers consistent, reliable results.

The integration of numerous instruments into a customized Tecan system allows the automation of a wide range of laboratory applications.

The project will be processed according to certified project development and manufacturing in compliance with directive 2014/35/EC, directive 2014/30/EC and Good Automation Manufacturing Process (GAMP) ensures well-tested functionality and a thoroughly-documented acceptance procedure leading to high quality automation.

Key benefits of Tecan's customized solutions

  • Clearly defined and customized services
  • Detailed project studies and quotations
  • Definition of application needs and correct implementation
  • Consulting in operation and logistics
  • Detailed workflow analysis and simulations
  • Evaluation of third party products
  • Clearly defined acceptance test procedures
  • Fully traceable documentation from requirements to specifications up to the final verification at the customer site
  • Full access to the status of project development at all times

Tailor-made laboratory automation solutions

Scientific research often requires the adoption of novel processes and approaches, which may entail the use of customized laboratory automation solutions to ensure optimum performance and efficiency.

The Tecan Integration Group (TIG) was created in 1996, bringing together a multidisciplinary team of life scientists, engineers and software programmers to provide tailor-made laboratory automation solutions, and is uniquely placed to understand individual application challenges and provide smooth implementation of bespoke solutions and innovative technologies. These customized solutions enable clients to reliably automate their individual assay protocols, providing a distinct advantage that distinguishes them from their competitors.

Today, more than 700 projects have been successfully completed, allowing tailormade solutions to be installed and operated productively at customer sites. This reflects the professional project management provided by TIG, where clearly defined milestones guarantee optimum transparency to both the customer and the sales team.

Building on years of experience in liquid handling, project management, quality assurance and regulatory compliance, TIG aims to support customers throughout the development of their system – from initial planning through to final acceptance of the workstation following installation – offering a guarantee of quality and complete peace of mind.

The opening of a dedicated laboratory during summer 2013 further extends TIG’s customer service capabilities, enabling supplementary testing, such as additional liquid classes or feasibility testing of customers’ liquids, to be performed. With space for up to four complex workstations, bespoke systems can be installed and factory acceptance testing accomplished, helping to reduce the on-site support time required at the customer’s laboratory.

Whatever the customer’s requirements, from hardware to third-party module integration, complex, customized workstations to fully automated systems controlled by a robotic arm and dedicated software, this new facility represents one more step in TIG’s drive to provide the best possible service to its clients.

Scientific instrumentation. Not for use in human clinical or diagnostic procedures.