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HydroFlex™ microplate washer - Options


Optional Application modules with user exchangeable plate carriers

  • Automated High Level Vacuum filtration system for DNA-purification after PCR-step
  • Automated Low Level Vacuum filtration system for processing of dye-loaded beads
  • Automated system with 96-strong magnets for washing of dye-loaded magnetic beads
  • Automated system with 108-magnets for washing of strongly magnetic beads for isolation of DNA
  • Automated washing of ELISA-assay plus gentle washing of adherent & weakly adherent cells
Magnetic bead washing, Filter microplate washing, ELISA washing & cell washing – choose the HydroFlex plate carriers according to your application needs


Optional wash heads for ELISA & Cell washing

  • 8-way manifold for parallel processing of 8-wells
  • 16-way manifold for parallel processing of 16-wells
HydroFlex microplate washer for ELISA, magnetic beads & cells – define your throughput via a selection of wash heads


Advanced on-line process control for high reliability and safety

The Liquid Level Detection System (LLD) controls the filling levels in wash-buffer bottles as well as in the waste bottle to warn the user when a critical liquid level has been reached HydroFlex microplate washer with optional liquid level detection system (LLD) informs user when critical filling levels in the bottles for wash buffer or waste are reached


Add some color to your lab

The HydroFlex is available in a range of special edition colors alongside the standard white color:

Metallic orange
Metallic red
Metallic blue
Metallic silver
Bright green
The HydroFlex microplate washer is also available in special edition colors bringing color to your lab