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HydroFlex™ microplate washer - the ideal solution
for a range of applications


HydroFlex filter microplate washer for automated vacuum filtration of non-magnetic beads & PCR cleanup HydroFlex magnetic bead washer for processing a range of magnetic beads such as Luminex beads, Bio-Plex beads & Dynabeads HydroFlex microplate washer for ELISA assays and loosely adherent cells
Vacuum filtration for PCR clean up and beads
Magnetic bead separation for a broad range of applications
Plate washing for ELISAs and cell
Tuneable vacuum range from
-50 to -850mBar for PCR cleanup and bead assays

Robot-friendly solution for self-sealing of filtration plate

On-line control of vacuum level for fast initiation and cessation of filtration
Tuneable wash conditions with range of protocols for magnetic beads

Shaking mode for fast mixing of beads

Strong magnets for fast settling of beads
Excellent wash efficiency and minimum residual volume

Optimized wash results with adherent and weakly adherent cell lines
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