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Performance data for Freedom EVO® with DNA IQ™

Extracted DNA performance in subsequent STR analysis


STR DNA profiles from liquid blood spotted on denim

0.1 µl of liquid blood was dried onto denim and stored at room temperature for 3 weeks. This spot was isolated using the DNA IQ System, and 5 µl of eluted material (of 25 µl total elution) was amplified in a standard PowerPlex® 16 amplification.


Cross contamination experiment

Sample lysates from positive controls or negative controls (blanks) were arranged in an alternating (checkeboard) pattern prior to extraction. 1 µl of a 1:3 dilution of the resulting DNA solution from positive controls or 10 µl of the undiluted blanks were processed through a PowerPlex 16® STR reaction, amplification and detection. Typical results are shown below for a DNA lysates and blank. No blanks exhibited peaks, indicating that the automated DNA IQ™ processing did not result in cross-contamination of samples.

1 µl buccal swab, 1:3 dilution   10 µl blank