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Freedom EVOware® Normalization Wizard

Fully automated nucleic acid quantitation and normalization on the Freedom EVO®


The Freedom EVOware Normalization Wizard is a software component that efficiently automates pipetting steps for the quantitation and normalization of nucleic acid samples. Samples of varying concentration are diluted to a uniform concentration across the entire microplate. Using the Normalization Wizard as part of the Freedom EVOware software package enables Freedom EVO workstations to perform pipetting and microplate handling steps needed for sample normalization tasks.

Nucleic acid normalization

Nucleic acid samples of various concentrations are quantified and diluted to provide uniform concentration.



The Freedom EVOware Normalization Wizard includes wizards for both quantitation and normalization tasks. It is seamlessly integrated into the Freedom EVOware’s graphical user interface, offering improved ease of use.


The plate layout for the quantitation assay is automatically obtained from the Magellan™ method, eliminating data duplication and simplifying operation by reducing set-up errors.


The quantitation wizard’s built-in capability for the addition of a dye such as PicoGreen® for assays, as well as OD 260/280, ensures that your quantitation needs are met.


Concentration results are automatically imported from Magellan, Tecan’s data reduction software, or from an open CSV file format, avoiding data transcription errors.


The wizard allows you to enter key parameters such as target concentration and volume, and calculates and pipettes each sample’s individual dilution ratio, avoiding calculation and pipetting errors.


Enhance your traceability with Freedom EVOware Sample Tracking to monitor progress in real time, and create reports for assay plates that include original sample IDs.