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User Management with Freedom EVOware®


To prevent unauthorized access to your system, you are able to protect it with the powerful Freedom EVOware user management. The user management requires any user to authenticate herself/himself at every start of the software or whenever the active user chooses to log-out. It also prevents physical access to the instrument by requiring authentication before allowing the door to open during a run.

For other safety features, see: Process Security


  Data protection
Freedom EVOware provides security against unauthorized use and keeps track of all its configuration files, including the run definitions. If any file is altered outside the software, the user will be informed about the event.
  Tracked changes
An extensive audit trail is always created, to track any change made to the configuration. Each change is marked with a timestamp and the user name and, if preferred, a reason for the change and an electronic signature.
  Electronic records; electronic signatures
If you are working in a GMP or similar environment, electronic signatures and other functions like password expiry in Freedom EVOware enable your laboratory to be CFR 21 Part 11 compliant.
  User management services
To simplify user administration, Freedom EVOware can authenticate users through the Microsoft® Windows® user database. As a result, it is not necessary to create users or groups in Freedom EVOware. Furthermore, several installations can share one user database, which enables a single point of user administration.