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Labware Logistics with Freedom EVOware®


Freedom EVOware enables you to use your valuable laboratory space optimally. The software can handle tubes, microplates or almost any other type of labware placed on the worktable. Movable objects like microplates or tip racks can be placed within the instrument or in external devices like carousels or stackers. Every action is controlled directly from the system software – Freedom EVOware.


  Free choice of labware
The software can handle any labware which can be pipetted into from above. You can access each liquid with one or more tips simultaneously, in any order and any number of times. A wide range of labware is predefined – microplates, tubes, troughs, bottles, beakers, etc, but even if you have customized labware, it can easily be added in the software – you have the power in your hands.
  From entry-level to enterprise
Regardless of your system size, the software takes care of the labware logistics. All storage locations are automatically controlled from within the software. You can use labware placed directly on the worktable, or if you choose to store microplates or tips in hotels or other logistic devices, the software will ensure that they are brought to the worktable when needed during the application.
  Lid and insert handling
To prevent evaporation or airborne contaminations, any combination of microplates with and without lids can be used on the system. To enable pipetting or other operations, the software automatically de-lids the plate. Additionally, plates with an insert and a lid are supported automatically and the inserts can be moved between plates as needed.
  Stacked tips and microplates
To save instrument and laboratory space, the software supports stacks of plates and tips. Stacked labware provides a higher density, therefore allowing more labware to be stored and accessed by the system. Plates and tips can be stored conveniently in external, high-capacity stackers like the Te-Stack or placed directly on the worktable using the cost-effective passive stacks. To help you use your space as efficiently as possible, in the near future Tecan will offer nested MCA tips.
  Disposable tip logistics
The software always keeps track of the next available tip position through tip counters. As soon as one rack of tips is empty, the next one will automatically be used. Tips in storage positions like hotels or carousels will automatically be brought to the worktable when needed. If no more tips are available in the system, the operator will be informed that more tips need to be loaded.
  Piercing, tilting carriers and other functions
The software provides the functionality demanded by your application’s specific requirements. If your samples need a protected environment, the software can pierce septa and add inert gas. If you have a cell-based assay, the software can pipette directly to or from tilting carriers.