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Extensibility of Freedom EVOware®



Freedom EVOware’s unparalleled extensibility lets you expand your system as your needs grow, thus protecting your investment.


  Custom Carriers and Labware
Freedom EVOware comes with a vast library of carriers and labware. If you don’t find what you are looking for, however, it is easy to define your own custom labware using the robot to teach the positions.
Freedom EVOware’s rich functionality can be extended with application specific wizards that get you up and running faster. Wizards are currently available for Normalization, Hit-picking and Sample Oriented distribution.
  Non-Tecan Device Drivers
Freedom EVOware simplifies the integration of non-Tecan devices by allowing additional device drivers to be integrated into the main graphical user interface (GUI). Additional drivers can be created using the Freedom EVOware Developer Studio.
  Application Programming Interface (API)
Freedom EVOware can be controlled by other software via its API, allowing software developers to develop custom graphical user interfaces with the Developer Studio.