Fluent® Gx

Fast, flexible and designed to simplify compliance

Tecan has used its extensive knowledge of clinical and regulated environments and years of expertise in the field of automation to bring you the Fluent Gx, the fastest, and most flexible, open platform we’ve ever made for these highly controlled applications.

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Tab 01 / Overview

The Fluent Gx is designed with clinical and other regulated environments in mind, offering the necessary tools you need to achieve compliance.

Hal Wehrenberg, Tecan

Simplifying regulatory compliance

The Fluent Gx automation workstation is designed specifically to meet the needs of regulated laboratories, with the advanced process security features required for applications in clinical, GMP and QC facilities.

It combines all the liquid handling and workflow benefits already familiar to Fluent users – high on-deck capacities, fast processing and intuitive operation – with the Fluent Gx Assurance Software, a suite of software features needed to comply with stringent regulatory requirements, including FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Fluent Gx - Laboratory Automation Solution

Tab 02 / Highlights

The Research Bioanalysis Department Novo Nordisk said:
"Staff like the Fluent platform – it is completely reliable, very fast, accurate and nice to work with."
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Regulatory support

  • Need help implementing Fluent Gx in your laboratory?
  • Do you know which regulations affect laboratory automation?


Tecan’s experienced global regulatory team is ready to help.

Exceptional ease of use and enhanced process security

The built-in touchscreen interface guides users through daily tasks for fast, consistent operation, with integrated user management – including method permissions – to ensure secure protocols and optimized selection for each user.

Identification and tracking of samples, tubes and plates allows safe and confident processing, and Method Recovery functions enable process runs to be reinstated even following events such as a power cut or computer crash.

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Increased walkaway time

With its exceptional deck and below deck arm access, Fluent Gx can accommodate multiple devices without expanding its footprint.

Enjoy true walkaway operation with the seamless integration of complementary peripherals, all fully managed by FluentControl™.

Dynamic deck

Fluent Gx's patented Dynamic Deck™ allows the high capacity worktable to be freely configured and easily reconfigured.

A lower deck level allows devices to be integrated into the deck space, extending the vertical range even for bench top systems.

Faster more streamlined workflows

Three independent, task-specific arms move in parallel to simultaneously and efficiently automate methods.

Sample preparation, movement of labware to peripheral devices, and plate to plate or reagent additions can all occur in parallel — maximizing workflow performance.

Tab 03 / Modules

Choice of powerful liquid handling technologies

By offering a choice of both air- and liquid-displacement pipetting technologies, the Flexible Channel Arm™ provides excellent flexibility to suit the needs of your laboratory workflow. Increase productivity even further with dual Flexible Channel Arms using both pipetting technologies on 16 separate pipetting channels.

FluentControl offers robust default liquid definitions and makes it easy to change parameters for any fluid.

High throughput, high density pipetting

High flexibility, high productivity plate pipetting. Swap adapters in seconds to switch from fixed to disposable tips or from 96- to 384-well formats.

Pick up rows or columns 96, 384, and even 1,536-well plates to pipette serial dilutions, titrations, standard curves, controls, and more!

Robotic Gripper Arm™ for versatile tube and plate handling

Smoothly and quickly delivers labware – including plates and tubes – to the instrument’s pipetting arms and integrated devices without interrupting the pipetting process.

Fluent Gx's unique Finger Exchange System™  automatically switches between tubes or plates and vertical or eccentric plate handling.

Simple and safe sample tracking

Fluent ID™ enables simple and safe, high capacity sample identification and tracking. This scalable and upgradeable tube identification module accommodates 192 to 768 sample tubes per batch.

The efficient, user-centric load-and-go operation and support of limitless batch reloading ensures complete confidence and high productivity.

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User Management and Audit Tools

User management can be linked to Windows® Active Directory to manage Fluent Gx operators, key operators and administrators.

FluentControl’s Audit Trail tracks all log-ins, changes, runs and results with electronic signatures.

Data Audit and File Checker tools make it easy to search and verify compliant usage.

Quantification and normalization.

The Fluent Gx offers fully automated nucleic acid quantification and normalization – using either fluorometric or bead-based techniques – ensuring standardization of samples to your target concentration for storage or processing.

  • Quantify your samples after purification, prior to reaction set-up or during NGS protocols with an integrated multimode reader
  • Use FluentControl to write methods for virtually any genomics application, with dedicated commands for creating standard curves, DNA/ RNA normalization, etc.

End-to-end traceability

Traceability is crucial for regulated laboratories and clinical activities. FluentControl’s sample tracking add-on traces every sample, from initial identification using a handheld or integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner through to reporting of final results, including data from Magellan™ data reduction software.

A detailed, secure and audit-ready log of all actions for each sample is generated, which can be automatically uploaded to your LIMS.

Tecan validated tips

Tecan disposable tips are validated on Tecan instruments, guaranteeing optimal performance of the entire system.

Instrument Qualification and Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ) of your system with Tecan disposable tips ensures the system always performs at its best – a clear advantage for your lab.

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Tecan Microplates

Tecan Microplates are the latest addition to the Tecan consumables portfolio. We offer a selection of polystyrene, medium-binding ANSI/SLAS-format microplates compatible with Tecan instruments.

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Tab 04 / Applications

Next generation sequencing

Rapid technology advances have made NGS a cost-effective alternative to PCR or array-based techniques for many applications, allowing pooling of hundreds of samples in one sequencing run.

The speed, accuracy and precision of Fluent Gx make the system ideally suited to preparing NGS libraries from multiple 96- or 384-well plates.

Nucleic acid purification

Benefit from Tecan’s extensive experience in automating NAP kits to configure the ideal solution for your magnetic- or filter-based purification methods.

Fluent Gx provides scalable solutions to match your throughput needs, with the flexibility to switch between random access samples, 96-well plates and 384-well formats as required.

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

Integration of a thermocycler enables automation of your PCR set-ups, allowing reaction volumes to be reduced and simultaneously delivering increased throughput and reproducibility.

Sample aliquoting and assay plate preparation

Even common laboratory routines benefit from Fluent Gx’s amazing speed, phenomenal deck capacity and process security features.

Fluent Gx is Tecan’s fastest, highest capacity, open platform for regulated environments. Enabling more tubes per run, in less time, all while tracking sample IDs, reporting pipetting results and checking viability in real time with liquid level detection.

Tab 05 / Literature


Fluent Gx brings the proven performance enhancements of the Fluent Laboratory Automation Solution to highly regulated laboratories.

Application workflows in clinical and other regulated areas can benefit from high throughput, ease of operation and outstanding precision & accuracy with maximum process security.

Designed for those who ‘press go’, daily activities such as running assays and routine maintenance become as straightforward as using the smartphone in your pocket. Users intuitively know what to do next.

Seamless integration of cell-based assay technologies streamlines your workfl ows and simplifi es your laboratory life.

Fluent’s groundbreaking design delivers more capacity and increased speed for genomic workflows. This innovative solution offers superior precision, higher throughput and longer walkaway times. Get more done in less time, with greater confidence.

Technical Notes

Enhanced capacitive liquid level detection for increased reliability and reproducibility

Speed and throughput seem like logical reasons to acquire an automated liquid handling system but, for many users, the consistency of results is an even more valuable asset.

An unobtrusive, barely noticed feature – liquid level detection – plays a critical role in ensuring the reliability and consistency of the pipetting processes, but not all liquid level sensing technologies are created equal.

Tecan’s Adaptive Signal Technology is a new generation of capacitive liquid level sensing that does far more than just detect the liquid level in a microplate well; it can reliably distinguish between the true liquid level and bubbles, detect tip occlusions, prevent wells over-flowing, and offer new opportunities for in-process error handling.

Dead volumes costing you too much.

See how Fluent can help

Reducing the liquid dead volume is a highly desirable aspect of a liquid handling platform’s performance, particularly in the case of expensive reagents or precious scarce samples.

Minimizing the dead volume not only presents substantial reagent and sample cost savings, it can also result in more assays per unit volume, further decreasing labor costs and allowing more data per cycle.

Fluent Laboratory Automation Solutions with Adaptive Signal Technology™ (AST) advanced liquid level detection offer several synergistic benefits that reduce dead volume without compromising on the precision or accuracy of liquid transfers.

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The Fluent Gx is an open automation platform product for general laboratory use. It is intended for routine laboratory tasks, such as general purpose pipetting and general purpose liquid handling and robotic processes. Not all options are available in all markets. Certain options when combined with Fluent are for research use only. Configuration of options may impact intended use – please consult your local Tecan office.