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Washer Guide

Which instrument for which application?
To find the most appropriate instrument for your specific needs just follow the roadmap below.

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  HydroFlex HydroSpeed
  HydroFlex™ HydroSpeed™
Versatile strip washer    
High performance plate washer    
Plate formats
Full microplates, 96-format    
Full microplates, 384-format    
Strip microplates, 96-format    
Wash characteristics & plate formats
96-plates: 8-wells washed in parallel    
96-plates: 16-wells washed in parallel    
96-plates: fast, parallel wash of entire plate    
384-plates: fast, parallel wash of entire plate    
Optimized for high flexibility
One wash head (96i) for ELISA, beads & cells in 96-& 384-format    
User interfaces
Touchscreen interface for onboard operation    
Display/keypad for onboard operation    
HydroControl™ software for operation via external PC    
Pre-defined plate library    
Pre-defined example programs    
Designed for reliable operation
Integrated Anti-Clogging™ function    
External ultra-sonic cleaning of wash heads    
Pre-defined Rinse procedure for easy maintenance    
Key applications
Gentle Cell washing    
Magnetic bead washing: mutiplexed assays    
Vacuum filtration: filter wash of non-magnetic beads    
Ready for automation
Tecan Freedom EVOlyzer®: ELISA processor    
Tecan Freedom EVO®    
Designed to meet regulatory needs
IVDR (EU) 2017/746    
21 CFR part 11 using HydroControl software    
Class 1 general purpose device for US and Canada