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Freedom EVO® DNA IQ™ - Installation process and system support

Tecan and Promega cooperate to get your system running with no delay


Installation process

After delivery of a Freedom EVO with the DNA IQ™ configuration, Tecan will notify you to arrange hardware installation and provide an overview of the operation and Freedom EVOware software. Promega will subsequently install the DNA IQ™ protocols and user Interface, and provide user training on the scripts.

System support

Support enquiries regarding the Freedom EVO with DNA IQ™ system can be made to either Tecan or Promega. The enquiries will then be directed to the appropriate support organization. Through our direct and affiliated regional organizations, both Tecan and Promega maintain extensive global support. Together, we are committed to ensure that your Freedom EVO with DNA IQ™ system is ready to go when you are.

Service contracts

Regular maintenance can help keep your system running smoothly. Service contracts are available for the Freedom EVO with DNA IQ™ system.