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    Cell-Tissue Biology

    Sophisticated solutions to address your lab’s cell-based assay, 2D and 3D cell culture, cell counting, colony picking, and cell transfection needs.

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    Solutions to cover your genomic workflow automation needs, including DNA extraction, normalization, and PCR set-up, as well as NGS sample preparation.

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    Enabling researchers and clinicians to unlock critical insights into disease markers, drug efficacy, and patient health, accelerating advancements in healthcare with our advanced technology and expertise.

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    A comprehensive range of solutions for protein purification, including assay miniaturization and parallelization, buffer preparation, protein digestion and fully automated analysis.

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    Customer stories.​

    Improved prostate screening to help men live long and prosper

    Prostate cancer causes hundreds of thousands of deaths each year. Spanish biotechnology company Life Length uses Tecan liquid handling platforms to enhance the precision and efficiency of ProsTAV®, its novel diagnostic test for the disorder. The new test provides accurate diagnoses and reduces the number of costly and unnecessary biopsies.

    A beacon of light in the coronavirus pandemic

    During the pandemic, Tecan’s liquid-handling instruments played a vital role in handling the mass-scale COVID-19 testing during the pandemic. By providing 66 liquid handling instruments, Tecan enabled the Centre to deliver high throughput, cost-effective COVID-19 testing, which helped not only to monitor the pandemic, but also to discover new variants of the virus.

    Supporting Zika virus drug screening in Brazil

    Professor Martin Würtele's team at the Federal University of São Paulo is researching potential Zika virus antiviral agents. They found promising natural compounds, like flavonoids, that inhibit the virus's protease. Automation using Tecan instruments has enhanced their research productivity and prepared students for careers in drug discovery.

    We are a leading global supplier of laboratory automation products for life sciences and applied markets.

    ADLM (former AACC)

    28 Jul - 01 Aug 2024

    Chicago, IL, United States

    Personalized Health Technologies 2024

    27-28 Aug 2024

    Zürich, Switzerland

    BMSS-BSPR Super Meeting 2024

    04-06 Sep 2024

    Warwick, United Kingdom

    16th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting 2024

    17-19 Sep 2024

    Graz, Austria

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    Liquid handling and automation

    Innovative technologies  to enhance lab processes, boosting efficiency and safety significantly.

    Tecan Labwerx™

    We deliver customized, reliable and productive end-to-end solutions.

    Microplate readers

    Multimode readers, Single mode readers, Add-ons and QC-tools

    Microplate washers

    Strip- and plate washers


    Designed to maximize your laboratory’s efficiency


    Disposable tips, Labware, Functional- and OEM consumables; Immunoassays automation

    NGS reagents

    Innovative library preparation solutions for a broad range of sample types

    Immunoassays and antibodies

    Diagnostics focusing on special and rare indications.