HydroSpeed™ microplate washer – Applications

Increased productivity and sparkling results

Tecan's HydroSpeed 4-in-1 microplate washer provides you with increased productivity and sparkling results by accelerating key washing processes for a range of applications in 96- & 384-well plates, such as:

  • optimized washing of loosely adherent cells via extra-gentle Cell ProtectionTM wash settings
  • gentle washing of magnetic beads using dual magnets per well for high bead recovery
  • fast and reliable ELISA washing with integrated Anti-CloggingTM for active prevention of needle blockage
  • filter washing of non-magnetic, polystyrene beads via automated vacuum filtration
Extra-gentle cell washing for optimized results

Extra-gentle cell washing for
optimized results


Additionally the HydroSpeed plate washer provides the following highlights:

  • Convenient touchscreen interface for intuitive on-board operation and programming
  • Pre-defined plate library and example wash programs for a quick start
  • Integrated prevention of needle blockage & easy x-change wash heads for intense external ultrasonic cleaning
  • Universal 96-indexing wash head processes both 96- & 384-well plates and supports cells-, beads- & ELISA washing
  • Automated buffer switching of up to 4 wash buffers within a wash protocol
Anti-Clogging function prevents needle blockage

Anti-Clogging function prevents needle blockage

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