Microplate Washers & Blot Processor

Strip Washer


Plate Washers

HydroSpeed microplate washer combines speed and full control of wash power for optimized washing of cells, beads and ELISAs    

The new HydroFlex 3-in-1 microplate washer for ELISA assays, magnetic beads and cells in 96-well plate format combines application flexibility & performance in a compact design

  The new expert plate washer for cells, beads and ELISA assays in 96- and 384-well plate formats. Benefit from speed & full control of wash power for optimized results  


Blot Processor

ProfiBlot™ 48
Profiblot 48    

ProfiBlot™ T48

Profiblot T48        

The ProfiBlot 48 is an automated blot processor used in clinical diagnostics for the confirmation of infectious and autoimmune diseases as well as the screening of allergies.

  The ProfiBlot T48 is a fast temperature controlled Southern Blot Processor & Western Blot Processor for automated reagent dispensing, hybridization and washing of a range of strip-based assays.    

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