Ignite the productivity in your laboratory
Spark® 10M
multimode microplate reader

No matter what your experiment, Spark 10M enhances productivity by bringing together the advanced capabilities of a multimode reader, incubator, cell counter and dispenser. All in a single, high performance instrument offering touchscreen control, remote access, exceptional flexibility and ease of use.

Discover the Spark 10M multimode microplate reader from Tecan and ignite the productivity in your laboratory.

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Accelerate your research with the Spark 10M.

  • Cell counting and viability analysis
  • Cell incubation
  • Reagent dispensing
  • Evaporation protection
  • Ultra-fast absorbance
  • Cuvette port
  • High performance fluorescence
  • Multi-color luminescence
  • Laser-based AlphaTechnology
  • NA labeling efficiency
  • Automated gain regulation for kinetic assays
  • Connect™ microplate stacker

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