Infinite® 200 PRO series

Multimode microplate readers for infinite application flexibility and high-level of performance

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The Infinite 200 PRO is a user-friendly and affordable multimode reader, designed to cater for the needs of today’s applications. Based on the highly successful Infinite 200 series of microplate reader, the Infinite 200 PRO can provide a full range of leading detection methods in one easy-to-use modular instrument, with either Quad4 monochromator™ or filter-based technologies. Users can select the desired modules to create the perfect reader for their needs, with the option to upgrade as requirements change. The Infinite 200 PRO offers excellent sensitivity, multiplexing capabilities and high format flexibility, including 6- to 384-well microplates, PCR plates, cuvettes and Tecan’s patented NanoQuant Plate™ for low sample volumes.   Text: Infinite 200 PRO multimode reader with a quad4 monochromator™ or a filter system
Infinite 200 PRO multimode reader


AlphaScreen® and AlphaLISA®

AlphaScreen and AlphaLISA are homogeneous assay formats used for the measurement of biological interactions, both based on PerkinElmer's innovative bead technology.
With the Infinite F200 PRO, Tecan offers an affordable alternative to cost-intensive laser-based Alpha detection systems. Based on its highly acclaimed fluorescence top optics, the AlphaScreen and AlphaLISA option for Infinite F200 PRO delivers highly sensitive and robust assay results with measurement times perfectly suited for low- to medium-throughput applications.

Infinite AlphaScreen and AlphaLISA detection solutions with Tecan's Infinite multimode readers series.



AlphaScreen and AlphaLISA


Gas Control Module (GCM™)

This innovative option provides rigorous environmental control within the detection chamber, making the Infinite 200 PRO ideal for cell-based applications. An integrated gas inlet allows external control of CO2 and O2 simultaneously helping to maintain stable culture conditions and improve cell growth. It also allows assays to be performed under anaerobic or physiological conditions, extending the experimental window while ensuring consistent and biologically relevant data.
The GCM together with its unique altitude correction and the integrated quality control of acoustic and visible warnings leads to more consistent and reliable data and makes it indispensable for cell-based applications.

Infinite 200 PRO – the reader with integrated cell incubator

To prevent evaporation effects during long-term kinetics with living cells, Tecan recommends using the innovative Thermo Fisher Nunc Edge plate
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Tecan´s patent pending Gas Control Module (GCM)™
Tecan’s patent pending Gas Control Module (GCM™)


Optimized cell-based applications

The Infinite 200 PRO offers enhanced fluorescence intensity reading for cell-based and biochemical applications, with a range of features designed to improve sensitivity and inter-/intra-well reproducibility. Functions such as orbital shaking, temperature control and enhanced fluorescence bottom reading with the optimal reading (OR) function ensure excellent performance and reliability of your assays.

Concerning the detection of fluorescent and luminescent signals in 3D cell culture systems, Tecan readers were found to be the optimum solution for scaffold free organotropic microtissues from InSphero AG (
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Human squamous epithelial carcinoma cells
Human squamous epithelial carcinoma cells


Outstanding levels of sensitivity in all measurement modes

For uncompromised performance in all detection modes, the Infinite 200 PRO uses advanced optics and high-performance detectors, optimized for the requirements of fluorescence, luminescence and absorbance reading. The Infinite 200 PRO offers a wide range of detection modes, including:

  • Fluorescence intensity (top and bottom reading) (UV – NIR & wavelength scanning)
  • Fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)
  • Time resolved fluorescence energy transfer (TR-FRET) like HTRF®
  • Time resolved fluorescence (TRF)
  • Fluorescence polarization (FP)
  • Flash luminescence
  • Glow luminescence
  • Dual-color luminescence (including BRET 1 & BRET 2 applications)
  • Absorbance  (UV – NIR & wavelength scanning)
  • AlphaScreen® and AlphaLISA® technology
  • Injectors system for up to two reagents
  • Temperature control
  • Small sample measurement in NanoQuant Plate

Infinite 200 PRO with injector



NanoQuant Plate – the perfect solution for small sample volumes

The Infinite 200 PRO plate reader is compatible with Tecan’s NanoQuant Plate an innovative quartz-based tool that can measure up to 16 samples simultaneously, from just 2 μl sample volumes. This unique tool extends the flexibility of the Infinite 200 PRO for micro-volume spectrophotometry applications, such as quantitation of nucleic acids for quality control and labeling efficiency.   : Infinite 200 PRO NanoQuant Plate for small sample size applications
NanoQuant Plate


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