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    Applications and solutions

    We provide a number of innovative, off-the-shelf solutions that are specifically tailored to applications in life sciences and diagnostics.

    Many of these systems have been developed in collaboration with our partners, integrating our liquid handling and detection technologies with widely used kits. These standardized packages improve the efficiency and consistency of various applications, including automated protein and DNA analysis, cell culture and drug discovery processes.

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    Solutions to cover your genomic workflow automation needs, including DNA extraction, normalization and PCR set-up, as well as NGS sample preparation.


    Cell biology

    Sophisticated solutions to address your lab’s cell-based assay, 2D and 3D cell culture, cell counting, colony picking and cell transfection needs.

    Drug discovery

    Drug discovery

    From fully automated compound management and assay development to ADME and screening solutions, including integrated readers for biochemical assays and IC50 determinations.

    Drug discovery

    Protein science

    A comprehensive range of solutions for protein purification, including assay miniaturization and parallelization, buffer preparation, protein digestion and fully automated analysis.

    Analytical chemistry

    Analytical chemistry

    Tailored workflow automation solutions to alleviate processing bottlenecks for mass spectrometry sample preparation.

    Analytical chemistry

    Applied markets

    Sample preparation solutions for forensic, agricultural, veterinary and food science applications, from distribution to full process flow automation.