Freedom EVO® Forensics DNA

Automated and reliable purification of DNA for forensic and human identification laboratories


Choose the Freedom EVO for forensic applications

The Freedom EVO provides freedom of choice, whether you want to purify your DNA using magnetic bead separation, vacuum filtration or even fully automated hands-free centrifugation. The platform enables processing safety, minimizes the risk of cross contamination and reduces handling errors during all DNA extraction tasks. For laboratories that prefer to re-use disposable tips to minimize the cost of consumables, the Freedom EVO can re-rack the tips so that they are individually isolated and protected from cross-contamination.

Automated DNA extraction with your preferred chemistry

Swabs are commonly used to collect buccal cells in a quick, non-invasive technique for DNA databasing work. Genomic DNA is extracted from the swabs and the resulting Short Tandem Repeat (STR) profiles are compared with DNA profiles from crime scene samples.
Casework samples often need to be extracted from many different materials including fabrics, cigarette butts, toothbrush bristles, chewing gum, soil and swabs. These samples can contain very low quantities of DNA, so the techniques used for DNA purification must be sensitive, reliable and ensure that the DNA obtained is suitable for relevant downstream applications such as PCR, sequencing and STR analysis. Numerous techniques for automated DNA purification from blood, buccal cells and crime scene samples have been successfully implemented on Tecan Freedom EVO instruments such as applications from Applied Biosystems®, Invitrogen®, Promega®, Qiagen® and Whatman.

Automated quantitation of DNA

The Tecan Freedom EVO Nucleic Acid Normalization system allows fully automated DNA quantitation and dilution; essential activities of standard forensic laboratories. By integrating automated liquid handling with one of Tecan’s detection systems such as the GENios™ or Safire™ instruments, the Normalization system fully automates dilution, measurement and normalization. DNA concentrations can be measured either using a fluorescent stain such as PicoGreen® or by measuring the ratio of absorbance 260/280 nm.The concentration can also be determined using data acquired from an integrated real-time PCR instrument, such as the Applied Biosystems PRISM® 7000 series.The measurements are then used to automatically normalize the samples to a standard concentration.

DNA Normalization

Tecan offers solutions for high-quality nucleic acid preparation for every throughput demand including PCR setup, reaction cleanup, sample quantitation and normalization. Quantitation and normalization of DNA samples improve the quality of the DNA sequencing data generated from the samples. Freedom EVO automated workstations are capable of all the pipetting and microplate handling steps needed for sample normalization tasks with the Normalization Wizard when used in concert with Tecan’s Freedom EVOware® software package. Easily automate sample quantitation and normalization so that samples of varying concentration are diluted to a uniform concentration across the entire microplate. The Quantitation and Normalization Wizards guide the researcher through the normalization process with simple questions and automatically generate a pipetting script.

Set up PCR and real-time PCR with precision and speed

The Tecan Freedom EVO PCR setup workstation is a modular and scalable system for fully or semiautomated PCR and real-time PCR reaction preparation. The platform prepares PCR reactions for a variety of throughput needs and reactions can be prepared in micro tubes, 96-, 384- or 1536-well microplate formats.The advanced fluidic system combined with high performance low-volume tips provides precise and reliable low-volume pipetting. Specially designed features minimize the risk of cross contamination during distribution of template DNA, DNA primers and other components (buffers, enzyme, nucleotides) for the most sensitive amplification procedures. Pipetting options include a 2-,4- or 8-tip liquid handling arm or the 96- and 384-multichannel pipetting option.

Additional modules can be integrated for further automation of amplicification procedures, including reagent-cooling carriers and high capacity storage modules, microplate sealers and thermocyclers. Tecan’s Freedom EVOware software package supports virtually any combination of additional instruments or devices. Optimized software protocols and convenient data transfer help you to save time and increase process safety of your entire real-time PCR workflow. With the help of Tecan’s automation consultants, you can create your own customized PCR system.

Sample management and storage solutions from REMP

The unique REMP Tube Technology™ allows reliable storage and retrieval of individual samples at volumes ranging from 1 to 900 μl. Rearranging samples on a tube level not only eliminates freeze/thaw cycles but also reduces carry-over risks and dilution effects when transferring samples in liquid phase. REMP offers a large variety of automated sample stores with capacities ranging from just a few thousand to millions of samples. For long term DNA storage they operate at -20 °C, room temperature stores for FTA paper based samples are available as well as -80 °C stores for biological specimens.

Sample identification and sample tracking

The Tecan Freedom EVO offers numerous options for forensics applications to ensure that sample identification is tracked and logged throughout every processing step. The Freedom EVO’s Positive Identification Module can automatically identify primary sample tubes and any other carriers or labware containing samples and reagents. Barcodes can be read at any point, both prior to and during the process, to ensure integrity of samples, reagents and assay vessels. Additional features include linear and 2D barcode scanners, as well as options for automatically printing and applying barcode labels to vials, tubes and microplates.When combined with the Freedom EVOware Sample Tracking Software Module, a history of all sample identifications is maintained and can be integrated into a variety of third party informatics systems.

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