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Freedom EVOware® Sample Tracking

Full process security with traceability of samples and pipetting actions, with the advantage of simplified LIMS integration


Freedom EVOware Sample Tracking makes it easier than ever to track your samples. Simply register the sample you wish to track, and choose from a variety of standard plate- and sample-based reports for process security during your applications.

Full Magellan™ connectivity integrates Tecan microplate reader data and comprehensive import and export functions, simplifying LIMS connectivity.

Advantages of Freedom EVOware Sample Tracking:

  • improved printed and electronic record keeping with industry standard PDF and CSV file formats
  • reduced LIMS integration cost through simple CSV file interfaces
  • reduced result integration cost through full Magellan interface
  • more traceability through concise volume and concentration tracking
  • customizable report generation
  • enhanced traceability through independent event recording for audit trail.

Freedom EVOware Sample Tracking is available in three configurations to suit your needs. See the feature comparison table for further details.

  • Freedom EVOware Sample Tracking Embedded - generation of simple plate based PDF and CSV outputs at the end of a run.
  • Freedom EVOware Sample Tracking Stand-alone track samples over multiple runs and report with enhanced reporting functions.
  • Freedom EVOware Sample Tracking Multi-instrument - link up to five Freedom EVO® workstations in a single network.



Register the labware you wish to track. After identifying labware with a scanning device such as PosID™, the labware is registered with Freedom EVOware Sample Tracking.


Import plate map file. The optional plate map file provides Freedom EVOware Sample Tracking with additional data such as sample IDs, volumes, concentrations and units for samples in a variety of labware.


Monitor progress in real time. The interactive Quickviewer allows you to zoom in to individual wells to see its status, as well as seeing progress within a plate.


Track actions, volumes and concentrations. Freedom EVOware Sample Tracking records the messages that Freedom EVOware generates for each action performed, making it a true and accurate reflection of what really happened. Freedom EVOware Sample Tracking also tracks volumes and concentrations in each labware as the Freedom EVO pipettes into them.


One-click integration with Magellan enables sample IDs to be passed effortlessly to Magellan, and for all results from Magellan to be saved in Freedom EVOware Sample Tracking for flexible reporting and export.


Generate reports. Freedom EVOware Sample Tracking offers a variety of standard templates for sample- and plate-based reporting, printed and saved as PDF and CSV file formats.


Browse data from your desktop. Freedom EVOware Sample Tracking’s built-in web server allows interactive browsing of data from past runs, and regenerate reports in PDF, CSV and XLS report formats, to ensure that you can quickly find the information that you need.


Customize your report. Freedom EVOware Sample Tracking’s Report Designer allows you to add data and formatting to reports, as well as a logo.


Multi-instrument connectivity. Freedom EVOware Sample Tracking Multi-instrument allows you to link up to five Freedom EVO workstations to a single database for full traceability when samples are processed on several workstations.