Highly effective orbital shaker

Tecan's Te-Shake handles microplates, deep-well plates, microfuge and PCR tubes, with the added option of sample heating up to 80° C.

This module is software-controlled and fully compatible with Tecan’s pipetting platforms, providing automated transport of plates to and from the shaker platform.

With its dynamic shaking range, configurable orbit/amplitude and variable rotating direction, Te-Shake allows easy optimization of extended mixing.


Consistent assay results through defined mixing

Easy integration

Te-Shake is easily integrated onto Freedom EVO® workstations. No external power supply is necessary.

Scaling-up your process

Process scale-up can be realized by parallel use of multiple Te-Shake options on one single workstation.

Pipetting during or between shaking periods

On-deck mounting optionally allows pipetting during or between shaking periods, and automated exchange of plates on Te-Shake allows multiple batch processes without user intervention.

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