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Target identification and validation

Target identification and validation is the first essential step in the drug discovery pipeline. Sometimes overlooked, the investigation of molecular and cellular mechanisms to identify molecules that might influence a disease is not only challenging and time consuming, but very costly. Tecan offers a broad variety of automation solutions to help streamline your research.


Scalable, reconfigurable solutions that cover all your genomic automation needs, including DNA extraction, normalization, PCR set-up, DNA shearing and NGS sample preparation.

Key benefits

  • Comprehensive, tested solutions
  • Pre-validated protocols for many applications
  • Elimination of human errors

CRISPR/Cas9 – the way it is done today

Since first applied in 2012 the use of Clustered Regularly Interspaces Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) together with CRISPER associated proteins (Cas9) has become one of the most popular tools in genome engineering. Introducing single point mutations or large genomic rearrangements like inversions and translocation or even targeting proteins for transcriptional regulations became now simple, highly efficient, flexible and precise like no one dared to dream of some years back. Discover Tecan’s smart automation solutions that give you everything to start your genetic screening projects today.

Nucleic acid purification, quantification and normalization

Automated solutions for DNA & RNA extraction and clean-up to match your throughput needs, developed in collaboration with partners such as MACHEREY-NAGEL and Promega.

Rapid quantification of DNA and RNA, offering excellent sensitivity for fluorescence- and UV-based analyses, as well as automated normalization of nucleic acids to your desired concentration.

Flexible PCR set-up

Automated solutions to increase reproducibility, from miniaturized qPCR with the D300e Digital Dispenser to high throughput PCR on a liquid handling platform, including thermocycler integration and data transfer to qPCR cyclers.


  • qPCR reaction set-up now takes a matter of minutes
  • Minimize reaction volumes
  • Eliminate human errors
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NGS sample preparation

Automation of NGS sample preparation allows parallel processing of samples, increasing throughput and reproducibility of library preparations while minimizing sample processing errors.

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Colony picking

Sometimes little things make life a whole lot easier. What if colony picking could be done automatically, leaving you free to do more exciting experiments? Streamline one of the most labor-intensive and error-prone steps of your cloning and cell line development workflow.

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Tecan offers a range of highly flexible, fully scalable liquid handling and detection platforms that can be configured for semi- or complete automation of high throughput protein purification and characterization protocols.

Key benefits

  • Minimize sample and reagent consumption
  • Parallel chromatography optimizes productivity and saves valuable processing time
  • Complete workflows, including detection
  • Operator-free batch processing

Protein purification

Finding a new drug takes up to 15 years and consumes huge amounts of money. Automation is a useful tool to help speed up process development applications and save costs, by reducing the consumption of reagents and precious samples. Discover the miniaturization and parallelization capabilities of Tecan’s scalable liquid handling platforms for efficient protein purification and high throughput bioprocessing.

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Protein analysis

Tecan offers a variety of sophisticated solutions for protein analysis. From robust multimode readers and integrated label-free analysis using the FortéBio Octet® platform to protein digestion and MALDI spotting, we can streamline your assay development process.

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MS sample preparation

Mass spectrometry-based assays are becoming routine, but manual sample preparation is still a major bottleneck in many workflows. Tecan provides tailored automation solutions for your MS sample preparation workflows, combining precise liquid handling with an in-depth understanding of the major extraction technologies.

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Hybridoma picking

Picking colonies is a boring task that usually has a low degree of repeatability and traceability. Whether you need a compact solution dedicated to colony picking or a complete system with an integrated incubator and modules for downstream processes such as protein purification, SciRobotics Pickolo™ Colony-Picker add-on for Tecan’s liquid handling platforms is the perfect fit.

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In drug discovery, cell lines and primary cells are widely used for the production of cell-derived biomolecules, as well as for cell-based and phenotypic screening assays. Tecan provides sophisticated, modular automation solutions, from 2D and 3D cell culture and cell-based assays to cellular analysis, based on its liquid handling and detection platforms.

Key benefits

  • Automation means standardization, and therefore optimal results
  • Speed up your cell-based assays and free staff time
  • Seamless integration of multi- and single mode readers or high-content imagers

Cell monitoring

Discover Tecan’s full range of microplate readers, from absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence measurements to precise cell counting and bright field cell imaging.

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Phenotypic screening

In recent years, it has become apparent that target-based screening strategies produce plenty of potencial targets, but fail to accelerate the discovery of new first-in-class medicines. To reverse this trend, major efforts have been made to combine target-based screening with phenotypic screening models.

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Increase throughput, miniaturize, automate

The obvious need to improve tissue imaging, organ-on-a-chip techniques or single-cell analysis, together with the challenge to define more predictable, more reliable and more reproducible phenotypic screening assays, has been forcefully met with technical innovations in the fields of biophototronics, biomicroengineering, process analytics and general miniaturization. Tecan’s years of experience in automation, combined with individual high throughput solutions, support your drug screening and discovery projects to ensure timely, cost-efficient results.


2D and 3D cell culture

From conventional monolayers to sophisticated 3D cell cultures for highly delicate stem cells, Tecan offers the right tools for your application. Routine processes – such as media exchange, expansion and antibody production – are all fully automated.

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