Partnership - Tecan and Phenomenex

Automated Solid Phase Extraction solutions

Solid phase extraction (SPE) is a commonly used sample preparation technique for the separation of compound mixtures prior to chromatographic analysis. SPE is widely practiced in clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical research and food and environmental testing labs for the extraction of samples prior to LC-MS analysis. Manual SPE can be a time-consuming process that is prone to human errors, resulting in a need for supplementary, repeat or confirmatory tests at additional cost to the laboratory.

Tecan and Phenomenex have combined their unique competencies and products to alleviate the bottlenecks associated with SPE within the Phenologix group. Tecan’s instrumentation and product support is available to Phenomenex customers to provide the same solutions that enable the Phenologix group to automate SPE.
Reduce SPE method development time – including chemistry selection, solvent formulation and pH screening – from two to three days to under two hours.
Decrease assay development and implementation costs with tailored application support; fewer repeat tests resulting from manual errors.
Do more with the available resources by lowering turnaround times to successfully address increasing test volumes.

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