Joint end-user support

    We aim to be the preferred service provider for Tecan products, ensuring that our customers get the most out of their investment.

    Service is a core competency at Tecan. Our certified experts deliver timely, efficient, high quality services.

    For more details about specific products, please visit the corresponding product pages.

    Need technical support?

    Direct access to your local helpdesk


    Service contracts

    Tecan offers a flexible range of globally available Te-Care™ Service Contracts to suit the needs of its customers in the life science research, forensics, clinical diagnostics and academic markets.

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    Tecan offers a comprehensive range of services to support customers using its instruments and products in the field.

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    Tecan’s hands-on training provides its customers with the knowledge they need to optimize the productivity of their Tecan systems.

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    For all enquiries about your Tecan instrument or product, click here to get fast, high quality support from your local Tecan service organization.

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    Partnering support

    Tecan has provided field service for its global OEM customers for many years.

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