Tecan Learning Center

Our Learning Center provides online and offline training and is open to all, whether you want to learn the basics or gain more advanced tuition at the highest levels.

Whatever your level of experience we have a course that is right for you. Maximizing profitability = return on your training investment.

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Tecan Academy

Basic knowledge – web-based

Become Tecan trained and certified the easy way. Online training gives you the opportunity to learn new skills in your own time and pace.

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Tecan Classroom Training

In-depth knowledge and hands-on – instructor-based

Tecan offers a comprehensive range of courses that combine in-depth theory with hands-on coaching sessions.

Worldwide training program

Web-based training and certification


Tecan Academy is an online training tool that makes it easier for customers to optimize their instrument knowledge and skills.

Convenient and affordable, this web-based portal is the ideal bridge between initial training in the lab and in-depth classroom instruction.

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Available 24 hours a day, Tecan Academy offers

  • Instantly accessible on-site training to get users quickly up to speed
  • Interactive tools and instructional videos
  • An easy certification process to meet internal and common standards
  • Chaptered courses with clearly defined learning objectives
  • Enhanced expertise for reduced operational errors, increased instrument uptime, and a better return on investment

Tecan Academy introduction

In this video Martin Bratteler introduces the new Tecan Academy, a web-based training tool to get new users up to speed faster and ensure more consistent, error-free operation of Tecan hardware and software.

Accessible 24/7, Tecan Academy offers a wide array of continually evolving content, including product overviews, how to and training courses with certification.

Each course features multiple chapters with clearly defined learning objectives and final examination for certification.

Operators can personalize their experience using interactive graphics and videos to further explore specific areas of interest. Interview filmed by SelectScience at SLAS2013.

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* Individual users can register for Tecan Academy using a unique Access Key that is valid for one year from the date of purchase and provides unlimited access to the complete, constantly evolving library of content.
Note: Please check availability in your country with your local Tecan representative.

Tecan Classroom Training

Training courses are an effective method of acquiring the specialized knowledge necessary for the proper use of Tecan instruments.

Tecan offers a comprehensive range of courses that combine in-depth theory with hands-on coaching sessions.

Our training programs enable customers to obtain the knowledge necessary to optimize the productivity of their Tecan instruments. These courses provide an in-depth learning experience, taking advantage of Tecan’s certified trainers and resources.

Courses are held at most of Tecan’s affiliate offices worldwide.

Contact your local Tecan office or choose from the training schedule, where you can register directly.


  • Maximizing profitability = return on your training investment
  • High learning efficiency, without distraction from daily business
  • Certified trainers
  • Opportunities to ask questions and challenge what you are learning
  • Learn from the experiences of other participants
  • Practice in real time


  • Ongoing access to feedback from the trainer and product experts
  • Hands-on training using actual instruments
  • Small learning groups
  • Interactive discussions
  • Customized training available on request


Tecan’s comprehensive training program enables customers to build up the necessary knowledge to optimize and maximize the productivity of Tecan devices. These training courses offer the trainees a thorough learning experience. The participants will benefit from Tecan training resources and obtain at first hand, the skills needed in their daily work.