GMars-Q Enables Long-Term Live-Cell Parallelized Reversible Saturable Optical Fluorescence Transitions Nanoscopy

August 19, 2016

The recent development of reversibly switchable fluorescent proteins (RSFPs) has promoted reversible saturable optical fluorescence transitions (RESOLFT) nanoscopy as a general scheme for live cell super-resolution imaging. However, continuous, long-term live cell RESOLFT nanoscopy is still hindered mainly because of the unsatisfactory properties of existing RSFPs. In this work, we report GMars-Q, a monomeric RSFP with low residual off-state fluorescence and strong fatigue resistance attributed to a biphasic photobleaching process. We further demonstrate that GMars-Q is particularly suitable for long-term parallelized RESOLFT nanoscopy as it supports an order of magnitude longer imaging durations than existing RSFPs. The excellent photophysical properties of GMars-Q also suggest that it would be of general interests for other RESOLFT nanoscopic methods.

Wang, S.; Chen, X.; Chang, L.; Xue, R.; Duan, H.; Sun, Y.

Journal: ACS Nano

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