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Freedom EVOware® Hit-Picking

Fully automated hit-picking on the Freedom EVO®.


The Freedom EVOware Hit-Picking Wizard extends the functionality of Freedom EVOware for the set-up of hit-picking and cherry-picking applications without the need for custom software. Integrating seamlessly into Freedom EVOware’s intuitive graphical user interface, the wizard leads you through selecting source & destination labware and reduces set-up time. Plate maps are graphically defined allowing serial dilutions and controls to be pipetted on each plate for creating assay-ready plates for IC50 studies. Hit lists use a simple CSV file format making it easy to interface with a wide variety of LIMS and workflow management software packages. The wizard’s automatic plate handling brings source and destination plates from a variety of storage devices to the deck, increasing throughput and optimizing deck usage.



Fully integrated in Freedom EVOware. Freedom EVOware Hit-Picking Wizard integrates into the Freedom EVOware main GUI, reducing set-up time.


Flexible source and destination labware handling options. Select storage locations for source and destination labware, and specify how plate barcodes will be read. Labware can be stored in carousels, stackers, hotels or on the deck of the Freedom EVO. Lid handling and 3rd party devices, such as plate sealers, can also be integrated.


Simple hit list file format. Choose the name and location of the simple CSV format hit list that contains the source barcode and position in plate, simplifying interfacing with LIMS and workflow management software.


Flexible dilutions. Define how hits are diluted with the option to vary the volume of compound and diluent in each step, simplifying plate setup.


Graphical plate map. Define the layout of each destination plate by dragging out areas for controls and diluted hits, simplifying the creation of assay-ready plates for IC50 studies.


Sample tracking. Use Freedom EVOware Sample Tracking to monitor progress in real time, and create reports for assay plates that include original sample IDs and dilution factors.


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