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Dynamic scheduling with Freedom EVOware®

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To achieve optimal throughput, the dynamic scheduling of Freedom EVOware plans your run as well as ensures that the time constraints are never compromised. It continuously optimizes the schedule during a run to efficiently achieve the shortest possible run time.



One software package
Do you want to get your system productive as soon as possible?
The scheduling is a native part of the Freedom EVOware software. It is not necessary to learn additional, complicated software in order to create scheduled runs. As a result, you are able to set up your applications with minimal effort.


Handles variable workload
Are you experiencing workload peaks?
The scheduler can run a single iteration or an unlimited number of iterations of a run without any necessary programing changes. The throughput is determined by the storage capacity of your system configuration. Regardless of the workload, the scheduler helps ensure that you always get the maximum use from your hardware investment.


Supports continuous loading
What if your instrument is already running and a batch of samples needing immediate processing arrive in the laboratory?
No problem, samples can be started even if there is a run in progress. Priority can be applied to new incoming samples and the scheduler plans the execution accordingly – the power is in your hands.


Several different types of assays in one run
Do you have a variety of assays but only one instrument?
Freedom EVOware schedules any combination of different processes that your instrument allows. Multiple users can start additional different processes while the instrument is running. 


Run recovery
Do you have valuable samples and reagents?
If your run has stopped for any reason, it can be continued at any time. The system indicates changes during the pause, for example, that a plate is removed from the system. The scheduler adapts to the new prerequisites. See also: Run Recovery