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HydroFlex™ microplate washer – Software

Intuitive controls

The HydroFlex microplate washer can be fully programmed and operated as a stand-alone instrument using the built-in keypad. All critical wash parameters, including dispense and aspiration speeds and wash head positions can be controlled via the on-board interface, as well as the vacuum level and the filtration time for vacuum filtration applications.

In addition the system features a selection of predefined cleaning protocols for easy maintenance. Further more every HydroFlex system is supplied with Tecan's intuitive HydroControl software, providing example wash programs and a pre-defined plate library, as well as a simulation mode for offline operation.
HydroControl software with integrated plate library for easy control of HydroFlex microplate washer for ELISA washing, magnetic bead washing & cell washing
This easy-to-use software also provides a standardized interface for integration of the HydroFlex ontoTecan's Freedom EVO liquid handling workstations or Freedom EVOlyzer ELISA analyzer, offering compete workflow automation.

HydroControl can also be pre-programmed for specific assay kits, allowing assay manufacturers to
provide kit-specific wash programs and plate parameters which can be quickly transferred onto the HydroFlex microplate washer via a USB interface using the download function.

It also fulfills all common user administration requirements for electronic records and signatures, and has been designed to meet the FDA CFR 21 part 11 regulations.