8 Plus 1 Access™

The 8 Plus 1 Access eight-channel arm brings speed to your reagent distribution, serial dilution, plate reformatting and plate replication tasks.

This unique arm combines two tools in one; it has the ability to pipette across a 96- or 384-well plate with eight tips simultaneously, and can also access individual samples with a single tip.

  • Eight-channel syringe pump
  • Equal parallel aspiration and dispensing for all channels
  • Fixed 9 mm tip spacing
  • Capacitive liquid level detection with first tip
  • First tip with independent vertical motion
  • Option available with disposable tips only
  • Volume range: 0.5 to 500 μl or 1 to 1,000 μl, depending on your choice of syringe
8 Plus 1 Access™

8 Plus 1 Access™

8 Plus 1 Access™

8 Plus 1 Access™
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