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Protein Affinity Capture Tips

  • Protein Affinity Capture Tips

    MSIA Streptavidin Affinity Capture Tips are affinity microcolumns, with the possibility to capture and purify antibodies and other types of proteins from various samples.

    The fact that the purification takes place within a tip has several advantages, including:

    Cost Saving

    • Faster assay development and execution

    Time Saving

    • Decreased incubation time
    • Parallel processing of 96 samples

    Low background

    • Reduced non-specific binding
    • Improved analytical sensitivity

    Reproducible data

    • Minimum analytical variability

    No affinity matrix loss

    • Increase life span of LC-MS instrument
    • Improves result consistency

    Sample volume independent

    • ~10 μL to ml quantities

    No Clogging

    • Microcolumn resistant to compression unlike resin-based support

    Ready to use

    • No need to aliquot

    Enhanced binding capacity

    • Extended assay dynamic range
    • Improved signal

    Additional Features

    • Versatility to integrate unique assay steps, such as heated enzymatic processing


    Do you want to know more?

    Click here to learn more about the MSIA tips on the Freedom EVO workstation.



    MSIA Tips are for research use only.