NGS DreamPrep solution

NGS DreamPrep offers unprecedented speed and accuracy for automated library preparation and quantification. With NGS DreamPrep, you obtain quality controlled, sequencing ready NGS libraries in hours with minimal or no manual interaction and no sample loss.

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Walkaway automation for NGS library preparation

NGS DreamPrep combines the Fluent® Automation Workstation, Infinite® F Nano+ plate reader and Tecan Genomics’ library preparation kits to provide sequencing-ready libraries with unprecedented speed and accuracy. This groundbreaking approach offers preparation, quantification, normalization and pooling of NGS libraries in one automated workflow.

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NGS DreamPrep minimizes manual intervention, saving you time and delivering consistent, sequencing-ready libraries for a wide range of research applications.

System highlights

  • DNA-Seq libraries ready to sequence in less than 4 hours
  • mRNA-Seq libraries, quantified and ready to sequence in one day
  • Full library QC in less than 6 minutes without sample loss
  • Walk-away solution with minimal manual interaction
  • Single point of contact for automation, reagents, consumables

Workstation highlights

  • On-deck thermocycling for longer walkaway runs
  • Magnetic separation for bead clean-ups
  • Touchscreen-based user interface that can be customized to your needs
  • Method Approval Function ensures compliance with SOPs and validated protocols
  • Parallel processing with three task-specific arms maximizes throughput

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