Human error can be surprisingly expensive.

Cross contamination from human error can lead to complete data loss from precious samples or – depending on the assay and analysis – may lead to a falsely assumed mutation!

Fill in the blanks to get the financial cost of lost samples in your lab:




Fight the invisible foes in Genomics assay set up.

If you are using handheld pipettes in genomics assays, you may be losing a war you did not even know you are fighting.

Book: The hidden cost of NGS & PCR

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Common Human Error Rates in everyday life:
  • 1% Wrong character typed
  • 2% Wrong vending machine selection
  • 6% Wrong entry of 10 digit phone number

From: Smith, David John. Reliability, Maintainability and Risk: Pratical Methods for Engineers. 8th ed., Butterworth-Heinemann, 2011. Human Error Rate Table