Drug discovery

Drug discovery encompasses both small molecule and biologics workflows. Tecan offers solutions for every step of these processes, including compound management, assay development, biochemical and cell-based screening, cell culturing, antibody/protein production and purification, and ADME-Tox assay systems, as well as applications such as next generation sequencing.

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Target identification and validation

Target identification and validation

Sophisticated automation solutions covering genomics, proteomics and cell biology to catalyze the discovery of new medicines.

Target identification and validation

Screening and lead optimization

A new level of high throughput screening – from clever standalone instruments to fully automated cell-based assay workflows and high content screening solutions.

Compound management

Compound management

From compound weighing to library maintenance and assay plate preparation, discover the unmatched capacity of the Fluent® Laboratory Automation Solution.

Compound management


When it comes to testing drug safety, we offer a broad range of automated assays to predict drug permeability and metabolism, and characterize compounds, supporting informed decision making.

The Roche drug disposition and safety department said:
"Automation frees us to focus on the areas where we add most value – analyzing data and designing experiments to answer specific project questions"
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