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Integration of the Covaris AFA with the Freedom EVO®

Tecan and Covaris have combined forces to automate the Adaptive Focused Acoustics™ (AFA) technology.




Do you need DNA shearing for your Next-gen sequencing sample preparation?

Do you need fast sample dissolution or resuspension for your compound management applications?


The integration of the Covaris S-Series or E-Series with the Tecan Freedom EVO brings you:

  • The ability to shear DNA. Double stranded DNA will fragment when exposed to the energy of AFA. This shearing is site independent and is a perfect substrate for the production of DNA libraries. The Covaris systems are becoming a "Must-have" for the Next-gen sequencing tasks.
  • In the area of compound management AFA offers fast dissolution of solid samples into DMSO, also it can be used to improve the consistence of screening data by ensuring samples are in solution ahead of the screen.


The applications described here are not available in the US outside of the research market.

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