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Sample preparation for Luminex® assays on Freedom EVO®

The Freedom EVO liquid handling system combined with the Luminex® 200™ / Luminex® 100™ or FlexMAP® 3D analyzer offers semi or full automation to carry out the liquid transfers, plate movements, bead separation and mixing steps.


Three levels of sample preparation automation

 Luminex three levels


The integration of the Tecan Freedom EVO and
Luminex analyzer brings you

  • Automated assay preparation from sample loading to assay signal detection
  • Scalable automation for single or multiple Luminex analyzers parallel integration
  • Application specific shaking and thermo controlled modules
  • Efficient plate wash and bead magnetic or vacuum separation with the HydroFlex™ washer
  • Seamless handling of patient lists and audit trail of automated operations

Suggested application configurations:

pdf Freedom EVO® 75 and Luminex® 200™ "Automation of xMAP® biological assays"

pdf Freedom EVO® 150 and Luminex® 200™ "Automation of xTAG® genetic test"