Tecan Integration Group (TIG)

TIG - Customized solutions for laboratory automation

The automation of customer-specific laboratory processes releases skilled human resources from even highly-complex manual work and delivers consistent, reliable results.

Tecan offers professional consulting - translating your manual processes to the desired automation level.

The integration of numerous instruments into a customized Tecan system allows the automation of a wide range of laboratory applications.

The project will be processed according to certified project development and manufacturing in compliance with directive 2014/35/EC, directive 2014/30/EC and Good Automation Manufacturing Process (GAMP) ensures well-tested functionality and a thoroughly-documented acceptance procedure leading to high quality automation.


Key benefits of Tecan's customized solutions
  • Clearly defined and customized services
  • Detailed project studies and quotations
  • Definition of application needs and correct implementation
  • Consulting in operation and logistics
  • Detailed workflow analysis and simulations
  • Evaluation of third party products
  • Clearly defined acceptance test procedures
  • Fully traceable documentation from requirements to specifications up to the final verification at the customer site
  • Full access to the status of project development at all times

Scientific instrumentation. Not for use in human clinical or diagnostic procedures.




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